Corporate Responsibility

DT publishes 13th CR Report

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Even more so than in previous reports, Deutsche Telekom's Corporate Responsibility Report for 2014 concentrates more closely on the most important topics for Deutsche Telekom and its stakeholders, including privacy, the supply chain and digital inclusion. This three topics are also introduced with statements from experts on the home page, from a variety of perspectives.

The selection of topics in the report is based on a comprehensive materiality process. The process is a tool to help identify the topics with maximum relevance for our internal and external stakeholders. To achieve more reliable results, we enhanced this process significantly in 2014 – with a document-based analysis and a permanently available stakeholder survey, among other elements. An external audit has verified the proper execution of our materiality process. The sustainability reporting is in accordance with the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (G4).


During the 2014 reporting year, major progress was achieved in the following projects, among others:

  • Supplier development program "Together for Sustainability" launched. The objective of this program is to work together with our suppliers to achieve environmental and social improvements at relevant production sites.
  • Stakeholder dialog initiated in China. Together with our suppliers, along with representatives from politics, civil society and academia, we debated the advantages of corporate responsibility in Shenzhen.
  • CO2 emissions rendered transparent. We have disclosed all greenhouse gas emissions – including indirect emissions – for Deutsche Telekom in Germany.
  • Role model for energy efficiency. Our new cloud data center in Biere, near Magdeburg, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is setting new standards in energy efficiency and climate protection.
  • Cyber Defense Center opens. With the opening of our new Cyber Defense Center in Bonn in 2014, we have consolidated our expertise in defending against cyber crime and continue to expand on it. We run a system to analyze attack patterns and develop new IT security products there.
  • First training program for cyber security professionals. Starting in 2014, our trainees and cooperative students can pursue a specialty as IT security experts.
  • "Teachtoday" platform for innovative media education relaunched. To promote the safe use of media, particularly among young people, we took on responsibility for the "Teachtoday" online platform in 2014. "Teachtoday" provides support in teaching media skills for teachers and parents.
  • "Yes, I can!" initiative celebrates fifth anniversary. Since 2009, "Yes, I can!" has supported projects for children and young people. Deutsche Telekom devoted more than 750,000 euros to 200 new projects in 2014.

The CR report and e-paper are available here.