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Grazie! Telekom’s sustainability scores

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Deutsche Telekom wins first place in the 2014 Sustainable Supply Chain Review (SSCR) among multinational companies.

For their 7th edition the Acquisti & Sostenibilità decided to include not only Italian but 430 multinational corporations in their study. Therefore, sustainability reports of 312 companies in Europe, 63 in North America, 29 in Asia, 19 in Africa, 5 in Oceania and 2 in South America competed against each other in this years´ SSCR. All coming from more than 30 different economic sectors.

From 1,000 possible point Deutsche Telekom scored over 900 closely followed by the Dutch brewery Heineken and Adidas Group.

Some key findings of the SSCR:

  • The total score is directly proportional to the company’ size.
  • 230 companies adhere to the UN Global Compact resulting in to a higher global score.
  • 44 percent has engagement programs and training for the employees on subjects such as sustainability and in particular as supply chain.
  • 56.5 percent declare to evaluate suppliers based upon sustainability criteria.

About Acquisti & Sostenibiiblità
Acquisti & Sostenibilità (Supply Chain & Sustainability) is a leading not-for-profit Italian organization, focusing on the spreading of Sustainability through the Supply Chain from end-to-end within public and private companies. The Review by Acquisti & Sostenibilità has been publishing since 2007 with the aim to analyze, measure and evaluate the efforts of worldwide enterprises in terms of sustainable and responsible supply chains regardless of their size, economic sector and geographical footprint.