Corporate Responsibility

New Social Charter affirmed by the Board of Management

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For the last 10 years, the Social Charter has defined DT’s ethically impeccable practices. Now some changes and amendments have been made and affirmed by the entire Board of Management.

Even after 10 years the Social Charter has not lost its importance: This has now been reasserted by the entire Board of Management. The personal signature of each Board member confirmed yet again that how they do business for the Group is consistently in line with high social and ethical principles.

Alongside the Code of Conduct and the Guiding Principles, the Social Charter is the third pillar on which the company bases its business practices. It is the “constitution” for responsible business, so to speak. Even if after 10 years some amendments were necessary to align it with the new “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” for instance, its core remains the same. It specifies under what working conditions and social standards products and services are produced and sold. It applies to all employees, investors, customers and suppliers as a behavioral guidebook. Deutsche Telekom regularly verifies observance of the Social Charter in all Group units and publishes the results annually in the Social Performance Report.