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Katja Werz

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Katja Werz, born in 1969, has been working at Deutsche Telekom for many years. She joined the company almost “by accident” and started her company career doing executive communication. She then worked in the international communications department. Today, she works on the topics of network infrastructure and Sponsoring. And because she is an optimist and refuses to stop looking at the bright sight of life, she engages in communication on corporate responsibility topics.  

Articles by Katja Werz

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Makerthon for digital solutions in healthcare.


Successful "makerthon" for healthcare solutions

Deutsche Telekom and Merck introduce a new interdisciplinary, cross-industry collaboration format.

Barbara Costanzo and her project team “Praktikum PLUS Direkteinstieg” are excited about the award.


Excellent integration work

Deutsche Telekom has won the HR Excellence Award 2018 with their “Praktikum PLUS Direkteinstieg” (Internship PLUS direct entry) program aimed at integrating refugees into the labor market.

Analyse der Spielerdaten aus dem mobilen Spiel “Sea Hero Quest” liefert wertvolle Erkenntnisse zur räumlichen Orientierung.


Deutsche Telekom facilitates important progress in dementia research

Scientists publish results of scientific research on spatial navigation ability based on data gathered by Deutsche Telekom:

Michael Schuster and Ronald Schulz laughing as they hold the award up to the camera – a colorful Plexiglas cube.

Corporate Responsibility

Handbook Germany receives German Award for Online Communication 2018

The integration project run by the New German Media Professionals (Neue deutsche Medienmacher), supported by Adobe Systems and Deutsche Telekom, receives the coveted award in the Corporate Responsibility category.