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Thanks to the constant broadband network build-out and the deployment of vectoring technology, the number of households eligible for EntertainTV continues to grow.

Those interested in EntertainTV can check the availability of this service in their area by consulting the Internet. The new offering from Deutsche Telekom starts with EntertainTV Plus for those looking for a premium package.

Attractive triple-play package
This service offers Internet-based TV reception and expanded MagentaZuhause (Magenta-at-Home) in an attractive triple-play package comprised of telephony, high-speed Internet and entertainment. EntertainTV Plus includes a broad range of HD channels and the unique "Restart" function, which lets viewers watch programs that are already in progress – right from the start, at any time. Viewers will never again miss the beginning of a thriller or interesting documentary if they should tune in just a bit late.

Enjoy up to four TV channels simultaneously
EntertainTV Plus is quite easy to expand by adding specific channel packages – like the pay-TV packages from Sky. Deutsche Telekom customers with VDSL will be able to surf the Internet at breathtaking speeds. And with EntertainTV Plus they also benefit from MagentaZuhause M or L, along with up to four TV channels available simultaneously.

Prices and subscription rates
Detailed information about current terms and conditions for the new EntertainTV Plus offering and add-on packages is available on the Internet at