Intelligent networks

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Photos, texts or e-mails: More and more people save and process their personal data on the web rather than on their hard disk at home.

The benefit: In this way they can access their information anywhere in the world, using any device with an online connection they wish, because that information is ready for them in the worldwide data network – the cloud.

Life and work - intelligently connected

This applies just as much in private life as in the world of work. Virtual networking is bringing together areas of life which have previously been separate. Connected life and work will become one of the dominant trends of the next few decades – that is already becoming apparent. Here are some examples.

The intelligent energy network

The energy network of the future - the smart grid - will allow energy providers to control production more precisely. This works because they can use the smart grid to receive production data from local energy producers such as wind parks and solar parks, photovoltaic systems or block-type power stations, and current consumption data from the smart meters in households and companies in real time and integrate them into production planning. Thus electricity providers will be able to ensure a better balance of supply and demand. Consumers will benefit by using variable load rates and controlling their energy consumption on the basis of data from the smart meters. These small computers can also be equipped with software which lets consumers regulate the heating thermostats, draw down the blinds or switch individual electrical devices on and off by remote control. 

An integrated health system

If health insurance companies, clinics and patients were networked better, this could reduce costs in the healthcare sector, without any negative effect on the quality of service. Whether it's emergency admission, hospital treatment or aftercare - all those involved have the opportunity to use the cloud to access patient data or X-rays. Telekom offers hospitals and medical practices encryption and authentication technology for highly secure communication. Thus doctors have rapid access to consolidated contents and can gain an overall picture of the patient's condition before any emergency operation. The remote monitoring of the chronically sick reduces the number of patients having to visit their doctor and takes pressure off the doctors themselves. 

Apps for the automobile

Telekom connects vehicles such as cars, vans or trucks to the Internet. In this way, logistics providers can create more transparency in their entire process chain, for example. They can trace their vehicles and goods in real time, utilize their vehicles more effectively, and avoid unloaded trips. Telekom integrates all the actors in the logistics network on a modern telematics platform. Fleet operators can also use transparent vehicle and driver management to improve the efficiency and carbon footprint of their vehicle fleet. But automobile drivers also benefit from the Telekom cloud: for example, during the journey they can simply and securely process their e-mails or download their favorite music from the web to their vehicle. 

PagePlace - a kiosk for all digital contents

At the online kiosk PagePlace, you can purchase digital newspapers, magazines and books and read them on a variety of devices such as PC, tablet PC or smartphone. For consumers, the Telekom offering means greater convenience and a reading experience never enjoyed before. Text highlights and bookmarked pages are synchronized automatically across all the reader's devices. Customers find all the contents they have purchased on their personal bookshelf. And no matter how heavy or how thick the book is – readers always have their online library to hand. 

Using resources better with M2M

Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) stands for the automatic data transmission between devices such as vehicles, containers, alarm systems or electricity meters. As a result of networking these machines over mobile and fixed networks from Telekom, individual modules and complete systems anywhere in the world can communicate and be monitored and maintained. The benefit of M2M is already visible in all areas of life. Traveling by car becomes safer, parcels reach their recipients more quickly, the electricity bill is reduced. Complex processes can be controlled better, costs fall, productivity increases and resources are utilized more efficiently.

Cloud computing and M2M create the conditions

Cloud computing and M2M make connected life and work possible in the first place. Intelligent network solutions from and with the cloud also open up new opportunities for companies to arrange their IT requirements flexibly, optimize their business processes further or launch new products on the market. T-Systems has been offering cloud-based software solutions such as SAP systems from 2004, and companies can adapt the services flexibly to their current requirements. The service provider has installed a cloud solution within the Group which allows around 1.5 million invoices per month to be created.