New ecosystem

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Deutsche Telekom will be announcing new platforms, partners and products at Hannover Messe.

The world's most important industry trade fair is opening its doors on April 25. Following its debut at the fair in 2014 and now on its third appearance there, Deutsche Telekom will demonstrate how to easily get started with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet.

Relations of trust with each other

"The task is now to move services for digitization out of the laboratory into real-life practice," according to Anette Bronder, Director at Deutsche Telekom’s business customer arm T Systems. The complexity of digitization is still scaring a lot of businesses away. On the one hand, the number of providers is increasing fast, which makes it more difficult to decide where to invest. On the other, connecting industries goes far beyond a company’s individual added value chain. To this end companies first have to build up relations of trust with each other.

“We are investing in an ecosystem of platforms”

It is here that Deutsche Telekom has a unique selling proposition: "Nobody is capable of mastering the Internet of Things on their own. That's why we are investing in an ecosystem of platforms, partners and products to put us in a position to offer our business customers a full IoT end-to-end solution quickly and easily, " explains Bronder. Deutsche Telekom has already used this model successfully in the cloud services business to become a European market leader in the area.

"Cloud of Things Starter Kit"

To help customers get a quick start in the Industrial Internet, Deutsche Telekom will be presenting its new "Cloud of Things Starter Kit" at the fair in Hanover. The kit contains software and sensors for gathering data, a SIM card with a particular data rate for data transmission as well as access to a specialized Deutsche Telekom cloud platform for data processing. The kit can be used to monitor the temperature of a machine, for example, or the movements of a construction machine in real time

Automated maintenance process

Customers who want to go beyond simple monitoring and would like to control their devices and machines remotely, for example, will receive Deutsche Telekom's "Predictive Maintenance Kit" at a fixed price. The complete offering supports the automated maintenance process from analysis of damage and wear and tear all the way to the end of the service task. Data analyses can also highlight specifics which allow users to predict potential damage before it occurs.

Teaming up with market leaders

In creating the underlying IoT platform the Group is putting the same emphasis on manufacturer neutrality as was the case with cloud computing and is teaming up with market leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei and SAP, who are all busily attracting customers through special platforms for the Industrial Internet. A new offering will be Predix, the cloud platform for industrial data and data analysis from GE Digital, an affiliate of American industrial giant, General Electric (GE) . The alliance is set to begin during the summer of 2016.