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From US series and Hollywood films to TV shows and live sports events: EntertainTV has something for just about everyone. EntertainTV users have optimal freedom of choice: 100 free-TV channels and extensive pay-TV packages for viewing pleasure without commercial interruptions.

Not to mention Germany's largest range of HD channels, a wide variety of media libraries, plus on-demand programs.

Only one logical channel
EntertainTV offers public television channels and regional broadcasts as well as content from private broadcasting groups, along with special-interest channels. The basic package includes 22 HD channels. An additional 25 HD broadcasters are included in the HD Start package. EntertainTV has only one so-called logical channel instead of two separate SD and HD channels. This means that programs are automatically broadcast in the best quality available, without viewers having to sort programs or make similar adjustments. All programs can be watched in real time or – thanks to time-delayed television and a simple recording function – sometime later according to the viewer's mood or schedule.

All packages come with flexible booking options – monthly cancelations are no problem
High-quality subscription packages offer an even wider selection of movies, series and other broadcasts. Optional channels are bundled in attractive TV packages. For example, viewers subscribing to BigTV have more choice when it comes to special movie and documentary channels. In addition, they can also add specific genres, HD Start or pay-TV packages such as Sky. Packages are also available in Turkish, Italian, Russian and Polish for native speakers and those interested in foreign programs. All packages have flexible terms and conditions, and they can be easily canceled if monthly notice is given. Thus EntertainTV users subscribe to channels of their own choice, for as long as they want – and, of course, without program interruptions for commercials. An overview of all EntertainTV channels is available here. (pdf, 5.7 MB)

Hollywood on demand
Watch hit movies and the most popular original US series while relaxing on the sofa: Viewers can browse through the media libraries of our partners – ARD, ZDF, Pro7, SAT1 and Disney – to find the shows or movies they missed or simply want to see again. And if that is not enough, the Videoload online library has more than 15,000 movies and series that can be viewed for periods of up to 48 hours. Content can also be purchased as downloads – without registration or subscription. Those who still want more will want to check out Maxdome and Watchever, our on-demand partners. For a monthly fee EntertainTV users have unlimited access to media content, movies and series – whenever they want, in German or the original language.

Easy ordering per remote control
The wide range of programming offered by Sky, including Sky On Demand, is also available through EntertainTV. Sky also delivers all live soccer games played in the German Bundesliga. What's more, the sports package includes all games played in the UEFA Champions League and those matches in the UEFA Europe League in which German teams participate – and, of course, all in HD if so desired. Ordering Sky packages is easy and convenient using the remote control.

Every wish comes true
And that's not all: In the months ahead Deutsche Telekom will continue to expand its partnerships with providers of media libraries and video-on-demand content. Deutsche Telekom wants to give EntertainTV users a complete range of programming that will satisfy every possible TV wish.