09-11-2020 - 09-11-2020

Deutsche Telekom Headquarters, Bonn

Student Manager Concert, Beethoven Festival “Ready to Takeover”

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MIKIs Takeover! Ensemble.

Pop classics in new compositions and arrangements for vocalists and string quintet

MIKI, aka Mihalj Kekenj, is one of a kind. Even as a youth, this genius of crossover musical styles, a professional classical violinist, concert master and composer, had a passion for the “classics” of traditional and contemporary soul and pop music, including hip-hop. Together with his string quintet, MIKI regularly performs with vocalists and musicians from the world of popular music, presenting their songs in new arrangements for chamber music. These are excellent prerequisites for the student managers who – over the past 11 years – plan and organize a concert for the Beethoven Festival under the guidance of event professionals. In collaboration with MIKI they will begin the search for an outstanding vocalist who will present new interpretations of popular songs on stage.