The 10 EntertainTV highlights at a glance

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EntertainTV introduces viewers to a new-generation experience – through a unique combination of live TV, on-demand content and easy-to-use functions for every type of television receiver. The Top 10 EntertainTV features enrich the viewing experience.

Here's how EntertainTV enriches the viewing experience as never before:

The new design and well-organized user interface enables EntertainTV viewers to find just what they are looking for when selecting programs from the wide range of options available. The intelligent search function provides easy access to all media libraries, on-demand content and live TV.

EntertainTV combines all the content available on one platform – from live TV to media libraries and a wide range of video-on-demand programs. Highlights and special programs are prominently displayed. And best of all, viewers can enjoy all of these offerings on their home TV sets, smartphones and tablets.

With the new "Restart" function, viewers can watch programs that are already in progress – right from the start, at any time. And the proven "Time shift" feature stops programs at any time – viewers can then watch them later. "7 Day Replay" lets users navigate back through recently broadcast programs and replay them up to one week from the original date.

EntertainTV has only one channel instead of two separate SD and HD channels. Programs are automatically broadcast in the best quality possible. HD broadcasts are available immediately – there is no need to sort them. When recording, users can choose between HD and SD.

The innovative media receiver has more than triple the processor power of the previous model, and it is also 40 percent smaller. The device also features a slim design – despite having a high-capacity 500 GB hard disk.

Children's programs are compiled and listed according to age groups – this makes it easier for parents to find just the right entertainment for the family. Users can also set up a PIN that will enable access only to those programs that are considered suitable for children.

The main menu is easy to activate via the "Home" button. The Top 3 programs on EntertainTV that are currently being watched by subscribers are displayed in the menu. This lets viewers know which programs are most popular. And they also see how long a particular TV program will run.

Access e-mails on the TV screen or listen to one of the more than 2,000 Internet radio broadcasts available – EntertainTV users have options that go far beyond watching TV.

With EntertainTV mobile users have access to some 40 live TV channels and thousands of videos for their smartphones or tablets – anytime and anyplace. In addition, they have the choice of recording programs exclusively with the cloud recorder for access via app, or recording programs in the memory of the media receiver at home.

EntertainTV has many partners who provide a broad portfolio of media libraries and video-on-demand programming. Viewers have extraordinary freedom of choice – for example, the ARD and ZDF media libraries, their personal Videoload library, on-demand content from Maxdome and many other sources.