WLAN Call – “the better way to call”

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Since June 2016, Deutsche Telekom mobile customers have been able to use selected smartphones to make and receive calls in Germany and abroad over any accessible Wi-Fi network, even while out and about, thanks to WLAN Call. Calls and text messages worldwide cost customers the same as calls and texts from Germany.

WLAN Call is an add-on with no monthly charge. The only requirements are a WLAN Call-enabled smartphone and a VoLTE-enabled mobile contract (Voice over LTE). Calls made via Wi-Fi are subject to the same terms and conditions as calls within Germany under the customer’s mobile calling plan. Besides the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, WLAN Call will soon be used on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S edge. Other smartphones and operating systems will soon follow.

The add-on is particularly beneficial for users in places that do not have sufficient mobile reception due to construction reasons, but do have Wi-Fi, such as underground parking lots, cellars and buildings with poor cellular reception. In principle, WLAN Call can use any public or private Wi-Fi network, but at least 100 KB bandwidth must be available. When there is no Wi-Fi network in range, calls in Germany will be transmitted via the LTE network without interruption when there is sufficient signal strength.

WLAN Call is also available outside Germany. Calls are charged at the same rate as calls made from Germany. This means that if the customer has an Allnet Flat rate in all networks, then calls to Germany via WLAN Call are covered. Calls to other countries are billed as if the call were being made from Germany to the other country. Incoming calls taken abroad are free.

The WLAN Call service is already installed in the software on the smartphone and can automatically be accessed via the telephone button, meaning there is no need to install an additional app. Depending on the model, all users have to do is update their smartphone software.

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