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Drive & Track: Deutsche Telekom and Fleet Complete offer smart fleet management solutions

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  • Route optimization, tracking, and vehicle analytics
  • Secure and reliable data transmission
  • Package includes hardware, installation, and use of the portal
Fleet Complete

Locate vehicles in real time and read vehicle and engine data remotely: Deutsche Telekom is bringing Fleet Complete's fleet management solutions to Germany. This new partnership with one of the world's leading vendors of IoT technology for fleet telematics, underlines the Bonn-based Group’s pioneering role in connecting vehicles. The Drive & Track solution from Fleet Complete lets companies optimize the routes of their fleets, avoiding unnecessary rides. Costs can be reduced, along with CO2 emissions.

Drive & Track is scalable for companies with small, medium, and large fleets. "With its excellent mobile network, Deutsche Telekom ensures secure, reliable data transmission to and from fleet vehicles," says Dennis Nikles, Head of M2M/IoT Sales at Telekom Deutschland.

Drive & Track: Four different packages

Drive & Track is available in four different versions. The standard solution enables vehicle tracking in real time, as well as providing analyses of driving behavior. For 18 euros per month and vehicle (net), users also receive automated reports – of excessive speed, abrupt braking, or rapid acceleration, for example. As soon as a vehicle arrives at defined locations or departs from any of those, the system sends e-mail notifications automatically.

The advanced solution, starting at 23 euros per vehicle and month (net), lets users read vehicle and engine data from the vehicle's ECM (engine control module). All information about mileage, vehicle identification number, engine status, incidents, fuel tank capacity, and diagnostic error codes can be retrieved on the Fleet Complete portal. The speedometer solution also makes it possible to download speed data for trucks. This solution is available from 32 euros per month (net).

The fleet sharing solution enables multiple employees to access vehicles that are equipped with RFID card readers. Drivers can find and reserve available vehicles conveniently with an app and simply park in an agreed parking space after the trip. Fleet managers receive reports about location, status, and driving behavior automatically, as this solution makes it possible to record and review every vehicle movement. Available from 52 euros per month (net), all packages include hardware, installation, and use of the Fleet Complete portal at the prices quoted.

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