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Saving energy with the Open Telekom Cloud

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  • German energy specialist NZR offers energy management solution as Software as a Service
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Energy management from certified German data centers: Nordwestdeutsche Zählerrevision (NZR), a specialist for energy management, now operates its CountVision software in the Open Telekom Cloud. This enables corporate customers to identify potential savings and use convenience features such as the reading of energy and consumption meters via the Internet, while energy suppliers monitor their networks for leaks.

Energy costs account for a considerable proportion of total corporate expenditure; in many companies there is still great potential for savings. Intelligent metering devices and analysis tools make it easier for companies to find and exploit this potential. "Energy efficiency is the focus of industry, trade and utilities," says Rolf C. Knemeyer, managing partner of NZR. "To meet this trend, we have developed CountVision." 

More flexibility, lower costs - thanks to Open Telekom Cloud 

Until then, NZR had only offered its proprietary software for reading energy and consumption meters as an on-premise solution: Customers had to install and operate CountVision themselves. Because NZR now offers the application from the Open Telecom Cloud, companies can now use the software easily from the Cloud even without IT knowledge. This saves companies their own IT capacities and thus reduces their costs. Thanks to the flexible scalability of IT resources from the cloud, provider NZR, on the other hand, can make its software available to almost any number of customers at any time. 

Data protection and data security played an important role in the selection of the cloud provider for NZR, because meter readings are sensitive data from the customer's point of view: "We were therefore looking for a solution that meets the highest requirements in this respect," says Robert Holkenbrink, Head of Development and Product Management at NZR. "Since the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany is operated by Deutsche Telekom, it meets the strict requirements demanded by our customers.“

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