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DT and Huawei go live with Europe‘s first 5G connection

First pre-standard 5G connection in live network in central Berlin based on latest 3GPP specifications.

Claudia Nemat and Tim Höttges

Full force ahead for 5G

5G FOR GOOD: DT is paving the way for the next communications standard.


Making 5G differentiators visible

Deutsche Telekom further shapes and influences 5G development in 2016.


NarrowBand-IoT Network across Europe

NB-IoT Prototyping Hub initiative delivers highly innovative solutions.

5G Roaming

Network Slicing

Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson and SK Telecom have jointly built an intercontinental 5G trial network.



DT raises the bar for 5G innovation together with Huawei, Samsung and Stanford University.

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Deutsche Telekom AG.

Our definition of 5G

Many talk about the next generation of a global communication standard – here is our view on 5G.

Symbolbild 5G

What is 5G?

What distinguishes the new global communication standard from the previous mobile generations.



The virtual laboratory fosters innovation in 5G at different locations simultaneously.

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Erste Daten-Flat für das Internet der Dinge von Telekom und 1NCE


Ten euros for ten years - Europe's first data flat rate for the Internet of Things by Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE

Deutsche Telekom and 1NCE offer the first pan-European data flat rate for smart devices in the IoT. Customers pay a one-time fee of ten euros and receive a data flat rate of up to 500 MB for the service life of the smart device of ten years.

Now. New. Next.


Greater Network Performance – Advancing 5G

Telekom is driving major advancements in 5G. The new communication standard will herald a new era of possibilities in the Deutsche Telekom network.

Messestand der Telekom auf dem MWC


Mobile World Congress 2018 – Telekom leads the way to the smart digital society

"NOW. NEW. NEXT." – that's Telekom's motto at this year's MWC in Barcelona. It will be showcasing new solutions and visions for today's and tomorrow's smart society.

Vertreter von Telekom, Huawei und Intel führten die 5G NR Interoperabilität im 5G:haus-Testlabor der Telekom vor


World’s First

Deutsche Telekom, Intel and Huawei achieve World's First 5G NR Interoperability in Operator Environment.

Telekom at the MWC 2018


Deutsche Telekom at the Mobile World Congress 2018: A sensor for everything - from better wine to safer bridges

The sensors in Deutsche Telekom's machine network can now also help winemakers and bridge builders. On the MWC2018, Deutsche Telekom will be demonstrating that NB-IoT as part of 5G is also ready for use in these areas and that IoT applications as a whole are...


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