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Jolanda´s Ambition: Embrace the Power of Digital Sustainability

Jolanda is dedicated to driving sustainable change. How? As a Sustainability Consultant at Telekom MMS, she leverages digital technologies to enhance environmental responsibility. From conducting sustainability assessments to recommending eco-friendly solutions, Jolanda ensures that both customers and employees at Deutsche Telekom embrace sustainable practices. Her daily business is packed with innovative strategies, ecological assessments, and initiatives that pave the way for a greener future.

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Jolanda believes that sustainable process design is crucial for economic success. Therefore, she supports clients in changing critical thinking and behavioral patterns.

What do you do as a Digital Sustainability Consultant at Telekom MMS?

Jolanda: I not only advise clients on sustainability matters but also utilize digital tools and platforms for sustainability management. Many customers currently require assistance with reporting according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standard. I help them conduct comprehensive assessments that consider both internal impacts on the organization and external impacts on the environment and society.

For example, we recently assisted a retail company selling hardware in conducting a double materiality analysis to identify key social and environmental risks as well as optimization opportunities within their supply chain. By providing digital tools and methods, we were able to deliver actionable insights, enabling companies to prioritize sustainability initiatives and enhance transparency in their reporting practices.

How do you make work more sustainable within Telekom?

Jolanda: Bei der Telekom liegt mein Fokus darauf, eine Kultur der At Telekom, my focus is on fostering a culture of sustainability. This involves identifying areas for improvement and recommending eco-friendly solutions that align with our values and goals. Promoting sustainable practices is a key component of Telekom's commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection. I take pride in contributing to this mission.

In strategic decisions, we must balance short-term objectives with long-term sustainability goals. Often, there is pressure to prioritize immediate financial gains over sustainable practices that offer future benefits. Therefore, I believe a shift in mindset and organizational culture towards prioritizing sustainability as a core value is necessary.

This is where targeted change management comes into play, helping to overcome resistance and promote a collective commitment to sustainable decision-making. Through ongoing education and awareness initiatives, we aim to instill a sustainable mindset both within and outside of Telekom, driving positive changes in business practices and society at large.

How do you integrate digital sustainability into your projects?

Jolanda: Incorporating digital sustainability into our projects is a comprehensive process that demands thoughtful consideration at every stage of the project lifecycle. From conception to execution, we integrate sustainable principles into our strategies and decision-making processes. This includes ecological factors like reducing resource usage and CO2 emissions, as well as social aspects such as promoting safety and inclusion.

By integrating digital sustainability into our projects from the beginning, we ensure that our initiatives are not only environmentally friendly but also socially responsible and economically viable in the long term. Take, for example, a telecommunications company like Telekom, which implements initiatives to enhance digital inclusion in underserved communities. This could include providing affordable access to high-speed internet, offering digital programs such as Digital@School, and supporting local business initiatives like TechBoost. By empowering individuals with digital skills and access to technology, we help bridge the digital divide and promote social equity.

At the core of Jolanda's commitment to sustainability lies a passion for fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. Additionally to her insights on digital sustainability, Jolanda has also shared her perspective on allyship, the active support and advocacy for marginalized groups to promote equity and inclusion. Delve into her thoughts in her video.

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