Corporate Responsibility

Kind hält junge Pflanze in seinen Händen

Assume responsibility

Helping hands.

Social Commitment

Deutsche Telekom supports Junges Theater Bonn, Germany's most popular theater for children and young people.

Junge Frau an der Tastatur - aus der Vogelperspektive.

Data protection & Data security

Find security tips and current information on data protection and data security here.

Baumdecke im Wald Froschperspektive

Climate and Environment

All-in for climate protection: We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment as well as that of our customers.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Everyone can make a contribution: Our products and services support sustainable lifestyles.

A globe in between a bunch of parcels

Supply chain management

We are partners to our suppliers when it comes to a more sustainable approach to doing business.

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Measure success

We measure our performance using Group-wide KPIs and basing our measurements on international standards.

Grandmother, father and son looking at tablet computer.

Media skills for everyone

We work to teach people how to use new technologies competently and safely.

CR report 2018


What affects society, affects us!

Corporate responsibility news

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Materiality survey

Ein Erdball mit einem Schmetterling

"We Care"

Ein Erdball mit einem Schmetterling

"We Care"

Deutsche Telekom's We Care magazine gets to the core of it. The magazine provides multifaceted and interactive content to give you valuable information on some of the important social and environmental challenges we face.

A coveted prize and only for women: A glass trophy and 3,000 euros for the best STEM thesis.


Do we need a techie prize for women?

1 week

Cash register systems must be protected against fraud.


Swissbit and Telekom Security keep cash registers...

3 weeks

 3 people with a wheelbarrow on the way to gardening


"Save the bees" – We're making a flower meadow

3 weeks

A picture of Justitia to illustrate the question: Are algorithms objective?


Are algorithms objective? No, that’s an illusion.

4 weeks

Social Media Post: Are algorithms objective? No, that’s an illusion, Melinda Lohmann

Are algorithms objective? No, that’s an illusion, Melinda...

Start des Forschungsprojektes MAAS und der ersten teleoperierten autonom fahrenden Straßenbahn in Darmstadt.


Digitalstadt Darmstadt - the Smart City flagship...

5 weeks

View over a wide field of grain, with windmills in the background


Official confirmation: Deutsche Telekom’s climate protection targets count toward the Paris Agreement

5 weeks

Smart beehives on the campus at Deutsche Telekom's Bonn headquarters.

Corporate Responsibility

Bee colonies enjoy their smart homes at Deutsche...

6 weeks

Social Media Post: Telekom spart Strom im Olympia Stadion

Telekom spart Strom im Olympia Stadion

DT headquarters in Bonn/Germany.


Deutsche Telekom reduces Board of Management

8 weeks

Cyber security


Telekom presents current figures on cyber security

8 weeks

We Care says: “We can’t afford to take democracy for granted”

Corporate Responsibility

We can’t afford to take democracy for granted

9 weeks

Advisory: Critical remote buffer overflow...

9 weeks

Video interview with Prof. Dr. Sarah Spiekermann


Man must always have the last word

9 weeks

AI ist not the better man


AI is not the better person

9 weeks