Corporate Responsibility

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Assume responsibility

Helping hands.

Social Commitment

Deutsche Telekom works to be a good citizen and a responsible employer.

Junge Frau an der Tastatur - aus der Vogelperspektive.

Data protection & Data security

Find security tips and current information on data protection and data security here.

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Climate and Environment

All-in for climate protection: We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment as well as that of our customers.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Everyone can make a contribution: Our products and services support sustainable lifestyles.

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Supply chain management

We are partners to our suppliers when it comes to a more sustainable approach to doing business.

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Measure success

We measure our performance using Group-wide KPIs and basing our measurements on international standards.

Grandmother, father and son looking at tablet computer.

Media skills for everyone

We work to teach people how to use new technologies competently and safely.

CR Report 2019


Power through the network.

Corporate responsibility news

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Ein Erdball mit einem Schmetterling

"We Care"

Ein Erdball mit einem Schmetterling

"We Care"

Deutsche Telekom's We Care magazine gets to the core of it. The magazine provides multifaceted and interactive content to give you valuable information on some of the important social and environmental challenges we face.

Achieving climate goals with Deutsche Telekom’s IoT


Sustainable with the Internet of Things

4 days



Achieving climate targets via the Internet of Things

4 days


With YouTuber LeFloid for a network without hate

5 days

Image Earth Overshoot Day

Corporate Responsibility

Easy and simple: Climate protection at Deutsche Telekom

6 days

Very many people stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


Cyberbullying: Suicide is never the solution

2 weeks

A digital identity can be obtained from illegal websites for the price of a coffee to go - protect it better!


Three euros for a latte macchiato … or maybe for...

3 weeks

TED-Logo. „TED“ stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.


TEDx on 17 September: Join in

3 weeks

A collage of many Telekom employees wearing masks.


The “new normal” at Deutsche Telekom

3 weeks

Active against hate in the net: Workshops provide the necessary knowledge.(c)Amadeu Antonio Stiftung


The fight against online hate speech: A task for...

3 weeks

Social Media Post: Interview Lena - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Interview Lena - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Social Media Post: Interview Jay - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Interview Jay - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Social Media Post: Interview Leonie - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Interview Leonie - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Social Media Post: Interview Malte - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART

Interview Malte - No Hate Speech - #TAKEPART



Show your face and fight hate with love

5 weeks

Image Earth Overshoot Day


We care: no more living on borrowed time

5 weeks

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