Corporate Responsibility

Living responsibility, enabling sustainability

Deutsche Telekom has been committed to sustainability and social responsibility for nearly three decades. To improve transparency for our stakeholders, we assign our CR activities to the ESG perspectives. E for Environment - S for Social - and G for Governance.

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Our ESG strategy

We take responsibility for the environment and society.

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Deutsche Telekom has made a clear commitment to climate-neutral business practices and the pursuit of a circular economy.

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Deutsche Telekom considers itself an active member of society and takes responsibility when it comes to social issues.

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Corporate governance lays the strategic foundation for sustainable behaviour.

CR Report 2023

Corporate Responsibility Report

On the way to the leading telco.

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Sustainability for the curious

Sustainability at Deutsche Telekom explained simply and clearly.

Corporate responsibility news

Your choice

Ruediger Adam in front of a magenta background showing a green illustration of a recycling icon and a shirt.

Corporate Responsibility

Chucked in the bin

Where to dispose of old work clothes? This question also occurred to Ruediger Adam. And since he didn't find a satisfactory answer, he developed an intelligent collection container for jeans and work textiles. There are already 35 of them at our company - the...



Female talents, apply for the Digital Female Leader Award

Telekom sponsors the "IT-Tech" category. Women with digital commitment can apply in a total of 16 categories until May 13. The award ceremony will take place in November in Karlsruhe.

Saima Ansari.

Corporate Responsibility

When technology giants lend a hand ...

Saima Ansari is getting giant technology suppliers to join Deutsche Telekom in the circular economy and energy efficiency.

David Maschke in front of some illustrated antennas and a magenta background.

Corporate Responsibility

Fitness training for antennas

David Maschke is a kind of fitness trainer for our mobile phone networks. He ensures that they can perform at their peak.



NextLabs and Deutsche Telekom sign innovation agreement

T-Systems and the German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association (VDMA in German) are linking their data spaces.

Steffen Wasmus

Corporate Responsibility

"There is no mobile phone that is not worth returning"

Steffen Wasmus is the ecological conscience of Telekom. His goal: to make the mobile devices in our product range greener.

Easy and simple

Sustainability covers various aspects.