Corporate Responsibility

Living responsibility, enabling sustainability

Deutsche Telekom has been committed to sustainability and social responsibility for nearly three decades. To improve transparency for our stakeholders, we assign our CR activities to the ESG perspectives. E for Environment - S for Social - and G for Governance.

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Our ESG strategy

We take responsibility for the environment and society.

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Deutsche Telekom has made a clear commitment to climate-neutral business practices and the pursuit of a circular economy.

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Deutsche Telekom considers itself an active member of society and takes responsibility when it comes to social issues.

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Corporate governance lays the strategic foundation for sustainable behaviour.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

On the way to the leading telco.

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Sustainability for the curious

Sustainability at Deutsche Telekom explained simply and clearly.

Corporate responsibility news

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Eine Blumenwiese vor der die Logos der renommierten Klimaschutzorganisationen SBTi und CDP erscheinen.

Corporate Responsibility

Climate protection to the highest standards

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has confirmed that Deutsche Telekom’s climate goals uphold the Paris Agreement. As well, Deutsche Telekom made it onto CDP’s Climate A List, again.

The picture shows Christine Rößler and Anja Zalewski, Telekom experts, explaining the Digital Services Act (DSA)


DSA - What are the benefits of Europe's digital basic law against hate and disinformation?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) came into full force on February 17 and now applies to all service providers. Find out what the EU regulation entails and how it helps to combat hate and disinformation online.

Digital solutions for retail


Smart Retail at EuroCis 2024

Instore task management or AI-supported law monitoring - Deutsche Telekom presents end-to-end digital solutions for retail

Deutsche Telekom supports the initiative #Zusammenland.


Deutsche Telekom supports #Zusammenland

Deutsche Telekom is supporting the initiative "#Zusammenland - Vielfalt macht uns stark" and is once again standing up for freedom and diversity in society.

The two labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta now mark 50 products and measures of Deutsche Telekom.

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability label awarded for the 50th time

The #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels are used to mark our commitment to the environment and digital participation. Now, 50 products and measures have been awarded these labels.

Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Global Data Privacy Officer


AI not without privacy-by-strategy

AI and data protection must be considered together from the outset. We need a new approach here: privacy by strategy.

Easy and simple

Sustainability covers various aspects.