Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG



„Leading European Telco“

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"Leading European Telco": that's Deutsche Telekom's aspiration.

Leading in customer experience, leading in technology, and leading in business productivity. With these aspirations, Deutsche Telekom is targeting further growth. We are more than just an infrastructure company. We are a trusted companion in an increasingly complex digital world – at home and at work, anyplace, anytime. Making life easier for people and enriching it for the long term is the very essence of what we do. We connect everyone to the opportunities of now.

As such, Deutsche Telekom's leadership goal covers three dimensions:

  • Lead in customer experience
  • Lead in technology
  • Lead in business productivity

Our action areas are derived from this leadership goal:

Leading European Telco

Leading European Telco.

1. One connectivity and perfect service

We want to give our customers a seamless, technology-independent telecommunications experience. To do so, we offer our customers landline and mobile connectivity, as well as other services – such as television and smart home products – from a single source.

As a premium provider, our flawless customer service sets us apart from the competition. To ensure this, we will continue to improve service quality and reliability.

2. Integrated gigabit networks

Expansive, well-maintained networks are the foundation for our company motto "Life is for sharing". Deutsche Telekom wants to offer our customers the best network and the fastest connections at all times, without them having to worry about the technology. The goal is to provide seamless access, regardless of whether they are using smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. To achieve this, Deutsche Telekom has been investing heavily for years, particularly in fiber-optic expansion and the best mobile network.

3. Secure ICT solutions and big IoT

Companies act both locally and globally. We make sure they are connected internationally: with their international sites, with their customers, and with their products in the Internet of Things. With our T-Security business unit, Deutsche Telekom already offers a full portfolio of the most crucial security services.

To be successful in these action areas, Telekom will continue to invest its growth. Among other things, we develop the leeway for this by saving money and making it more efficient elsewhere. That's one of the reasons why we want to simplify, digitalize and accelerate Telekom. For example, we will simplify our offerings and further automate our internal processes. This allows us to react even faster to the needs of our customers.

This aspect “Act Responsibly” sets out that in all business decisions the social and ecological consequences of those decisions be taken account of from the outset. The strategy applies from digital responsibility and media literacy to climate protection and resource conservation.

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