Sustainability Label

Connecting people is not just our job, it's our responsibility. And it goes beyond the digital world. That's why we are committed: to more sustainability, more responsibility and more digital participation. 

With our labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta, we demonstrate how we live up to our environmental and societal responsibilities. The two labels help to highlight our diverse commitment to the environment and society. As an easy-to-understand decision-making aid, they complement well-known seals such as the TÜV Green Product. With every marked offer, we contribute to more transparency and at the same time promote more sustainable awareness. TÜV Rheinland has tested, validated and awarded a certificate (pdf, 144.8 KB) for the entire award process of Deutsche Telekom's two sustainability labels. Customers can be sure that the label will only be issued after a professional, resilient process.

#GreenMagenta identifies products, services, projects, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources. For example, we rely on renewable energies and ensure that smartphones are being reused.

#GoodMagenta, in turn, identifies projects, measures and initiatives with a positive contribution to social and societal challenges in the digital world. In this context, for example, we are dedicated to a tolerant and safer internet for everyone.

Sustainable shopping: Products and solutions that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources can be recognized by the #GreenMagenta label.


A Good Company is a Swedish company with focus on sustainable products and social engagement. Among other things, A Good manufactures 100 percent biodegradable cell phone cases that are produced locally in Sweden. The high standards of environmental protection start with the local farmer, who provides the raw material for the cases from his flax seed harvest, which is then processed into granules and transformed into stylish cases. A Good lives the sustainability concept from A to Z with a negative CO2 footprint, a local supply chain and is B-Corp certified.


Meet the world's first climate-friendly notebook made from recycled stone. No deforestation, no wasted water, no harmful chemicals. The grain-free pages ensure an unmatched, silky-smooth writing experience. In addition, it is waterproof, tear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. Our natural grass pen, made from a mix of meadow grass and a small amount of recycled, BPA-free plastic, is truly unique. With an ergonomic triangular handle and high-quality spring, it is also durable, refillable and will be a faithful companion over the years. 

Eco initiative in North Macedonia: A smart, responsible way to help preserve Nature

In order to support environment protection, raise public awareness on the issue of pollution with electronic waste, and position Telekom as socially responsible company, we have introduced “Eco initiative”.

“Eco initiative” rewards any Telekom private customer that returns their old, unused or damaged handset in any Telekom shop, a discount that can be used during contract renewal, for buying a new handset. In that way, by encouraging customers to participate, we foster electronic waste reduction. 

Collected handsets are further handed over to collective waste handler for reprocessing. In addition, Telekom committed to plant as many trees as returned and collected old handsets.  Learn more about Eco initiative


Through “Take Back & Recycle” program in Croatia, we are collecting e-waste that is then recycled in an environmentally responsible way. By recycling e-waste, the need for primary resources can be decreased and thereby a positive climate impact is achieved.

The goal of the program is to reduce e-waste, greenhouse emissions (CO2) and hazardous materials which can harm human health and environment. Furthermore we are raising public awareness on the issue of e-waste pollution.


Plastic pollution is one of the pressing problems in environmental protection. Our oceans are particularly affected by it. That is why we are searching for solutions and use compostable material for the packaging of our fruit gums. It consists of cellulose and can thereby even be composted at home.


The housing of the MagentaTV One consists mainly of bio-based and recycled plastics. In addition, the packaging is free of plastic and other sustainability aspects have been taken into account: It contains no protective films or plastic stickers and the printing inks are soy-based. The packaging inserts are made of so-called "paper foam", which consists of renewable raw materials and can be disposed of with paper waste. 

The MagentaTV One with the #GreenMagenta label will be introduced gradually in the various national entities of Deutsche Telekom.

MagentaZuhause Schnellstart

Our mobile WLAN hotspot including a SIM card and data volume makes it possible.    

We have further developed the - MagentaZuhause Schnellstart 3 (SSP3) - in collaboration with the manufacturer in the direction of sustainability. Our aim is to significantly reduce the use of natural resources and thus save CO₂ emissions and to limit the use of harmful substances by using plant-based printing inks and water-based housing paints beyond the legally prescribed level. Today, the SSP3 housing is made of more than 90 percent recycled plastic and the paper and cardboard used is made of more than 90 percent recycled cellulose (FSC RECYCLED certified). The SSP3 packaging no longer contains any plastics and the printing inks used are plant-based, which enables simple and unmixed recycling in paper waste. Since July 2023, we have been renting out the SSP3 in the - Endgeräte Service Paket” (EGSP) - our first step towards a "circular economy" and a further step towards saving even more CO₂ emissions.

MagentaZuhause Schnellstart


Our aim is to provide our customers with optimum support in the commissioning process. For this purpose, they receive short manuals in a reduced volume - matching the ordered devices and the selected tariff, produced individually and order-related and ready for shipment on the same day. As a result, stock-keeping, material use and logistic efforts can be significantly reduced. Adjustments to the short manuals can be made at short notice. This means that the documents do not have to be destroyed and produced all over in the event of such changes. Good for our customers and the environment!


Our new reusable „we care“ bag picks up the fight against environmental pollution. Reusable instead of single use and recycling instead of plastic in-cineration. By replacing the paper bags used up to now, around 28 tones of waste can be saved annually. But that was not enough for us: Besides preventing the production of waste, the use of recycled material allows us to reuse waste that is already generated. The reusable bags are nearly made from 100 percent recycled PET-bottles. Therefore, it is not necessary to fall back on new resources, because with each bag the costumer gives up to five plastic bottles a second life and thus saves them from being incinerated.


We have purchased used devices renewed in a sustainable manner. Every ReUse MyMobile device is certified refurbished and passes an industry-leading quality test. In this way we give smartphones a second life and thus contribute to the conservation of resources, even the sustainable packaging is biodegradable. Refurbished smartphones are 100% functional like a new device. In addition to the 24-month warranty, we are the first provider to offer our mobile phone insurance protection for renewed devices with immediate effect. With a ReUse MyMobile smartphone you can save up to 200 euros compared to a new device and at the same time make an important contribution to environmental protection.


Magenta Refurbished Smartphones save resources and reduce CO2 emissions. Those who buy Refurbished Smartphones, are helping the environment in many ways: We enable CO2 savings of up to 57 kilograms per device. Furthermore, we conserve up to 100 liters of natural water resources per Refurbished Smartphone. Only original parts are used in Refurbished Smartphones from Magenta, and each individual device undergoes a strict 83-part quality inspection. And because Magenta customers also make calls and surf the CO2-neutral network, it's an all-around green product. 


Our Speed Home WLAN is equipped with WI-FI 6 technology, which increases the transmission speed and improves the efficiency. We have developed the Speed Home WLAN with a focus on sustainability. The housing is made entirely of recycled plastic. The packaging is plastic free and made of recycled paper. The printing is done by plant-based inks on paper from sustainable forestry (FSC certified), as well as the user manual, which has been shortened to a minimum to save paper. Detailed user manuals are available digitally. To reduce energy consumption, we have integrated an ON/OFF switch for longer absences and offer configurable automation for regular nightly standby modes.


The packaging of the Speedphone and Sinus series now consists of at least 70 percent recycled paper, the volume of the packaging has also been partially increased and no more plastic is used to protect the products. The operating instructions have been shortened to the essentials and now made from 100 percent wastepaper (the complete instructions can of course be found at Since we no longer use plastic, we are saving an estimated 800 kg of plastic per year. By reducing the packaging volume, dispensing with a so-called unpacking experience and reducing the operating instructions, we save an estimated 25 tons of paper per year. In addition, the products still comply with the requirements of the Blue Environmental Angel (Basic criteria for award UZ-131), which stands for low energy consumption and low radiation.


We have consistently planned and designed the Speedport Smart 4 to be sustainable. This protects our environment through a significantly reduced use of natural resources, savings in CO₂ emissions and avoidance of plastic waste. The housing consists of 90 percent recycled plastic and the product packaging is plastic-free and thus enables simple recycling in paper waste. Most of the paper used is recycled or from sustainable forestry (FSC-certified). In addition, the use of harmful substances (e.g. in electronic components) is limited beyond what is legally required.

T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro

T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro come with a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions. This is achieved through smart resource management without compromising on performance and affordability.

Smart resource management can be seen in the T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro through the partial use of renewable energy in the production process. Additionally, the optimized use of semiconductors significantly reduces CO₂ emissions during manufacturing of the devices. Moreover, its packaging is characterized by above-average recyclability out of plastic-free materials and with minimized size.

The success of this smart resource management is evidenced by excellent Eco Rating scores of 88/100 (T Phone 2) and 84/100 (T Phone 2 Pro) according to the current methodology.

The T Phone 2 and T Phone 2 Pro are introduced in almost all NatCos of Deutsche Telekom, showcasing the #GreenMagenta label.

Solutions for more sustainability in your own business - recognized by the #GreenMagenta label.

Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is a process that provides all airport stakeholders with improved information sharing and better collaboration to make an airport's operations more effective and reduce emissions and fuel with increased punctuality and predictability. With better communication, A-CDM not only enables better coordination between the airport, air traffic control , ground handling services and airlines, but also significantly reduces emissions, fuel consumed and thus minimizes environmental impact. In addition, passengers also benefit from reduced delays. 


For many companies, there is a great deal of complexity in handling smartphones and tablets. In addition, many devices are replaced at the end of their useful life or even before it expires and are not reused or recycled properly.

With Deutsche Telekom's Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering powered by Everphone or by TKD we take over the complete device handling for our business customers and offer a closed lifecycle for mobile devices. In this way, valuable resources are secured and many smartphones and tablets are given an extended lifecycle. Business customers can currently take advantage of this offer, project based.

DaaS - more practicality and sustainability in one solution.


Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) © Deutsche Telekom

Many companies are facing challenges with taking care of and returning used devices such as smartphones and tablets which may harm the environment. Short lifespan of devices and expensive repairs foster the growth of electronic waste. In Croatia, we are offering Device as a Service – a comprehensive device management for business customers with a manufacturer's warranty throughout the entire contract. The service includes device repair and replacement in order to reduce costs and downtimes. By extending the lifespan of devices from three to five years in the average, the DaaS model reduces electronic waste, fosters circularity and saves CO2 emissions by reducing the energy need for the production of new devices.

Digital delievery note

The digital delivery note offers a modern solution for efficient and sustainable delivery processes. By eliminating the need for physical documents, valuable natural resources are conserved, and CO2 emissions are reduced. Just by switching from printed to digital delivery notes, 7.7 tons of CO2 and almost 6,000 cubic meters of water can be saved per 1 million sheets of paper. In addition, real-time communication as well as the prevention of delays and document loss help to minimize resource consumption, optimize processes and reduce the environmental impact along the supply chain. More...


Companies want and have to take more and more responsibility in the field of sustainability. The creation of sustainability reports with transparent carbon emission balances is going to be an inherent part of strategic action regarding ecological, social, and economic challenges.

With our sustainability platform, for strong emissions awareness, companies are having the opportunity for the first time to record employee commuting data in real time using an app and to process it further in anonymized form. The movement data can be analyzed extensively and thus provide the basis for active measures to reduce carbon emissions in the field of employee mobility. The achieved emissions transparency leads to a strong awareness among employees and to an active reduction in carbon emissions.

The connection to third-party systems and the simple creation of sustainability reports are further functionalities of the sustainability platform. More

Video (German)

#GreenMagenta Auszeichnung für CompanyFlex Cloud PBX 2.0

Our cloud based telephony and collaboration solution makes a measurable positive impact on climate protection. In addition to the reduction of telephone systems and those connected desk telephones, face-to-face appointments can also be reduced to a minimum. Because the use of video conferencing as a result of the use of Cloud PBX 2.0 will avoid travel and also emissions. Likewise, fewer conference rooms are required, as the conferences can be held from anywhere. Learn more (German).

IoT Solution Optimizer

Companies which plan to deploy IoT solutions usually engage in lengthy proof-of-concepts and costly testing cycles just to find out if their products deliver the desired performance and battery life. There is no guarantee of succeeding, as numerous design and deployment aspects impact their results, and mistakes can be easily made. With the IoT Solution Optimizer, one reliably saves significant development costs and optimizes the IoT solution’s longevity, thereby enabling more sustainable products! This innovative service with patented virtual twin modeling technology, allows you to create unlimited projects for endless project scenarios and components, and get highly accurate results within minutes.  Learn more.

LCMM app in the driver‘s cabin.

Low Carbon Mobility Management (LCMM) is a service including an app, that measures the driving behavior of car and truck drivers, based on comprehensible tension metrics and a standardized algorithm. Thereby, the efficiency profile, the driving characteristics and an evaluation of the drive are displayed, during as well as after the journey. LCMM enables its users to reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse gases by 8 – 15  percent. Additionally, time and costs can be decreased through a data-based optimization of routes and tours.


Legacy systems are a security threat and bad for the environment. Our M.A.R.S. solution historizes legacy data assets and makes them available to all users on the Open Telekom Cloud. Our cloud servers are powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources and maintained by our own security experts. That's how we protect the environment and your data. M.A.R.S.

Reduce CO2 emissions through fewer and more energy-efficient end devices.

Reduce CO2 emissions through fewer and more energy-efficient end devices. © Deutsche Telekom

Telekom’s universal CPE device (uCPE) consolidates and virtualizes all network services (VNFs) in one single device: SD-WAN, firewall, route optimization and other functions. Previously, separate devices were required for each of these. As a result, these devices could consume much space, electricity, cooling, and field service operations at the customer premises. The new box needs significantly less space and helps to ensure sustainability, thanks to a single device and VNF lean logistics processes. If only one device is used and air-conditioned, power consumption is reduced. Furthermore, unused CPU core reserves on the device can be activated on demand without the need to order a larger box. This lowers the carbon footprint of the product. More ...

Time registration via app

Save 109.7 tons of carbon dioxide and reduce power consumption by up to 30,000 kilowatt-hours with a click on the button – but how? It’s easy with time registration via app: simple, quick and digital. One click on the start or end button is enough to register your working time. Subsequently, the period will be booked in SAP fully automated and is visible for the employer at all times. One swipe to the left deletes a registered period.

The result is nothing short of impressive because by switching from terminal to app tracking, we not only save valuable carbon dioxide but also reduce the previous high maintenance effort and energy requirements for server and network infrastructure at the terminals. Further, the many annually covered miles for the regularly scheduled maintenance work on site are from now on obsolete.

Every day, we are living our goal to enable our customers to more sustainability. And this not only works at Telekom – the app is also attractive for other companies. Interested parties are welcome to contact us anytime.

Do good, talk about it and share it. That’s #greenmagenta 

Remote Testlab

Remote Testlab

Our innovative Remote Testlab solution enables access to test units around the clock and to perform both manual and automatic tests on real hardware. This usually requires a lot of travel and resources. We help to access and test centralized test units from anywhere in the world without having to get on an airplane. Likewise, complex hardware test units no longer have to be sent to development service providers via shipping routes. In the future, in addition to the support we provide today specifically for the vehicle development process, we will also create opportunities for in-car software developers and system integrators.


Who knows exactly how our customers’ goods and products are made and what resources are needed? Their SAP systems! SAP solutions enable customers to analyze and optimize the resource consumption of their entire value chain. We manage SAP systems for clients on our cloud platforms. With SAP services run on stand of art technology and 100% renewable energy, we bolster our customers’ endeavors for more sustainable business. Cloud Solutions for Modern SAP® Landscapes


Saving resources with the mobile phone cycle for business customers.

For more than 5 years, business customers can benefit from the trade in program for used smartphones and tablets. Deutsche Telekom thereby offers a complete mobile phone cycle.

The following focal points are set in the professional processing by the cooperation partner Foxway : Data security, process security, purchase price, mobile phone cycle reuse and recycling, satisfaction guarantee, sustainability in logistics, focus on companies as well as digital and personal.

With the mobile phone purchase portal ( for business customers, processing is simple, secure and sustainable.

Smart Groundwater Monitoring

The aim of the solution is an improved analysis of water consumption, simplified data acquisition and monitoring, as well as resulting recommendations for water rights holders, such as municipal water companies and authorities, districts or farmers:

  1. Automated regular measurement per well with automated data preparation for further processing
  2. Provision of appropriate measuring devices with SIM cards for hourly determination of the amount of water consumed
  3. Access to the web-based IoT solution CoT (Cloud of Things) to save and visually process the measurement data

Added value of the solution:

  1. The digital hourly "immediate report" of the withdrawal quantities simplifies the reporting route to the authorities. 
  2. In addition, the digital recording minimizes the error rate in the reports, such as transposed digits and incorrect assignment of meter readings to the well locations. The recording of monthly intermediate meter readings is standardized through automation and can therefore no longer be forgotten.

Sustainability Benefits:

  1. Due to the automatic transmission of the water consumption, control trips to the withdrawal points are no longer necessary. That saves CO2.
  2. With optimal weather conditions for optimal plant watering, up to 30% of the groundwater can be saved. This supports freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity.

More information (German)


SmartSpaces is a platform which aims to design the administration of buildings more efficiently, more conveniently and more sustainably.

As a part of the EnOcean Alliance we offer a variety of battery- and cable-free sensors and actuators that supply themselves with energy from their environment. After the simple setup of the hardware, the energy saving can begin. Based on the measured data, consumers are controlled intelligent out of the cloud.

The sustainability module can be enlarged through many more SmartSpaces modules for example the desk sharing application. Here they find out more for this purpose.

Digital Ethics

Our Transparency Suite saves valuable time by automatically monitoring risks in the value chain and continuously collecting the necessary data. It also creates the opportunity to provide information for customer inquiries in a legally compliant manner, even before the customer requests it. This approach makes it possible to identify root causes and link them to background information from the customer's own purchasing behavior, to select supply chains where the company has real opportunities to make a difference. Our Transparency Suite is not only a technological building block, but also a strategic approach. It forms the basis for comprehensive CSR reporting. Particularly in the light of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, which includes both social and environmental aspects, our suite offers an effective way of providing relevant information and demonstrating our responsibility along the entire supply chain
Transparency Suite for Supply Chain Due Dilligence Act

Telekom Sustainability Manager

The 'Telekom Sustainability Manager', an innovative Software-as-a-Service solution for sustainability managers in medium-sized and large companies. It enables you to meet the challenge of preparing a CSRD-compliant sustainability report by 2025. It simplifies reporting with built-in guidelines, provides accurate carbon footprint calculations and increases transparency in your supply chain. A comprehensive solution for effective sustainability management.
Telekom Sustainability Manager (in German)

Upcycling collection containers

In terms of sustainability and circular economy, the use of networked IoT upcycling collection containers with built-in level sensors are intended to optimize processes, analyse productivity and increase efficiency. Deutsche Telekom digitization for Smart Textile Collection promotes a lower-emission textile cycle and preserves the natural resource. Deutsche Telekom is therefore committed to an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to make the textile sector more sustainable and to support the transition to a resource-saving economy.


Zoom X powered by Telekom combines video conferencing, telephony and other collaboration tools in one intuitive software. The online cloud platform enables companies to easily communicate with their employees or customers and collaborate seamlessly. With the use of Zoom X, on site meetings can be reduced to a minimum, thus avoiding travel and the associated emissions. In addition, Zoom X is securely operated in German data centers powered with green electricity; with a focus on the T-Systems data center in Biere – one of the world's most sustainable.

#GoodMagenta: Projects, measures and initiatives with a positive contribution to social and societal challenges in the digital world.

Digital Ethics

Evaluate your business processes and the use of artificial intelligence according to ethical principles. The growing awareness among customers regarding the protection of their data and the use of artificial intelligence requires organizations to address ethical issues in the face of increasing digitization. More information on Digital Ethics


A little monster watches over the tots as they take their first steps on the Internet: This is "AwareNessi - the Cyber Activity Book". Our little dragon reaches kids between the ages of 8 and 12. The strategic security awareness product makes them strong against cybercrime. We show the little ones where subscription traps lurk, what phishing looks like and what the consequences of fake news are without pointing the finger but in a playful way through reading, handcrafts, and games. We give the little ones the most important thing we have: The tools for a successful and safe digital future. 

This is how social sustainability is defined: we make the tots fit for a fabulous, joyful web world in which learning is fun, everyone has the same opportunities, and no one is excluded. Only IT gangsters have to stay outside.


With the community DIGITAL@School, we want to support all children on their way to becoming responsible, active and self-determined designers of our digital age. That is why we have made it our mission to make MINT (math, computer science, natural sciences, technology) tangible. We show target groups that programming is not a foreign language and is quite fun. We create experiences of success with the children that make them want more. In addition, we teach media skills for responsible use of digital media.

With around 600 employees, we actively take social responsibility in the "DIGITAL@School" initiative and perform voluntary work in schools and other educational institutions.

Give the young a voice to advocate for a hate free net

We are building the digital future, but we are also taking a step further by assuming the ambitious task of working on the ethics of such digital future. We are fighting for a net without hate, including young people to advocate for change. Our goal is to give the young people tools, knowledge and voice and help them to stand against hatred on internet. To make even bigger difference and reach as many young people as possible, our Foundation Telekom for Macedonia is partnering with UNICEF. Only together we can fight to prevent hatred become a norm. Together for a hate free net!


In everyday life, at work, in spare time: digitalization leads to changes in almost all areas of life, across all generations. All people should be able to shape these changes positively, actively and on an equal footing. Deutsche Telekom wants to contribute to this. This also means using digital media responsibly and critically. This is why the Deutsche Telekom initiative "Me-dia sure! But secure" is committed to opinion-forming and trust in the Internet.

Media sure! But secure.

#GoodMagenta: Digital first resoponder call via app. Your rescuer in your pocket.

Desk sharing, different locations, mobile working - the end of traditional office structures makes it more difficult to locate first aiders in the event of an accident at work, forcing us to rethink our approach. 

With the GPS-based digital first responder call, you can get help as quickly as possible. People seeking help can both call first aiders and place the emergency call at the touch of a button.

In this way, vital time can be saved by activating GPS and possible additional information even with precise localization. Additional voluntary information about allergies or emergency contacts can also be stored in the app.

University of third age

DTSE SK is the 1st company in Slovakia that has its own 2-year study program for senior students, piloted at U3A in Bratislava (University of Economics), which is part of official university syllabus, consisting of 28 unique lectures, concluded by graduation ceremony with diplomas. 

By attending our study program, students improve their skills and knowledge about modern technologies, learn about threats in digital/online environment & acquire proficiency how to prevent them, as well as become aware of sustainable lifestyle and how to practice it.


Words may not be turned into weapons. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate, in which everyone treats each other with respect. By offering a range of services we want to raise awareness for this issue. Our goal is to encourage people to rethink their own actions on the Internet and to enable them to stand against hatred on the Internet. Because in doing so we can prevent hatred from becoming the norm. Be all #TAKEPART with us and our partners and show moral courage.

No Hate Speech

We lead the way in sustainability and implement numerous measures in-house that demonstrably protect the climate and conserve resources.


The card body of the Eco-SIM consists of 100% recycled plastic. It meets all the technical requirements that are placed on a consumer SIM card and despite its low weight (2,1g), can make a major contribution to annual CO2 savings. The CO2 saving is 0,009kg per SIM card. The annual purchasing volume of consumer SIM-cards is around 9 million pieces. That means an annual saving in CO2 of 81t.

Parental leave via app

Parental Leave via App is an innovative solution that digitally accompanies expectant mothers and fathers on their parental leave journey. The service was designed to make your life as parental leave-takers easier, providing supportive assistance in every phase. 
From announcing the pregnancy to returning to work, you'll have a comprehensive overview of all necessary steps and the status of your submitted requests.
With just a few clicks, you can download certificates and fill out most forms digitally, significantly reducing paper consumption. Everything is conveniently and securely stored and accessible within the app. The app also offers a schedule overview with reminder functions to help you keep track of important submission deadlines, giving you more time for what truly matters.
Furthermore, the app connects you with other parental leave-takers through the Stay in ContacT network, enabling ongoing communication with the company. It not only supports you during parental leave, leading to a better work-life balance, but also simplifies your return to the workplace.
By saving 340 kg of paper and 880 kg of CO₂e per year, the Parental Leave via App can make an additional positive contribution to environmental protection.
Experience the benefits of a transparent, digital, and user-friendly service. Parental Leave via App - The smart solution for a relaxed parental leave.


Since 2020, Telekom customers throughout Germany have been surfing on the "green network". This is because we obtain 100% of our entire power requirement, also for our network, from renewable energies and thus reduce CO2 emissions. This includes, among other things, the lighting and cooling of our buildings. Since 2021, the electricity for the entire Group worldwide comes from 100% renewable energies. Media information: Telekom tightens its climate targets


Our Greenwall is a vertical garden, fully covered with selected real plants, installed in pockets with soil on the wall. It has an automatic irrigation system, watering the plants so there is no additional water waste in the stores. As of 2019, the Green Wall is an integral part of our international shop Concept: There are more than 70 Green walls installed in various stores across Europe, and the number is continuously increasing.

It is not only the design that makes it special. The Green Wall improves the air quality of our stores: an average Greenwall (about 5 m²) emits 40 liters of oxygen per day and filters 5 kg of polluting particles per year, constantly purifying the surrounding air. It also helps to reduce the noise level and thus increases the quality of stay in our Telekom Shops.

The Green Wall is very much liked by the customers and sales personnel. (>94% customer satisfaction rate, from latest EU research) 


Wineo Purline Organic Flooring is made in Germany with renewable resources and natural fillers. Our organic flooring is a high-quality polyurethane flooring solution made with finest materials: the basis is provided by ecuran, a high-performance composite material that is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil and naturally-occurring mineral components such as chalk. It has received numerous certificates and prices such as Blue Angel, Greenguard and the Red Dot design award.

Sick leave via app

The app makes it easy to report sickness digitally. The data on the certificate of incapacity for work is scanned in using the scan function. Posting to the HR system, archiving in the electronic personnel file, and an e-mail to the manager are all fully automated. The previous process of reporting sickness, which was very time-consuming and paper-based for employees and secretaries, is no longer necessary. The focus is on recovery.

TREE Collection

Our "TREE Collection" (Telekom Real Estate Edition) is a sustainable office furniture collection produced from Deutsche Telekom's own office furniture, which is no longer in use and is used sustainably before possible disposal.
The design is special and has an individual character. For example, old roll containers and table tops are upcycled into sofas and lounge chairs. 
For every "TREE Collection" sofa we save one new sofa and thus 48 kg CO2e!
The "TREE Collection" is an innovative idea on the German B2B office market that has not yet been implemented. At Deutsche Telekom, we are setting an example here.

Our employees can propose Telekom products, services, or initiatives to be labeled with #GreenMagenta or #GoodMagenta. Proposals must be justified in detail based on a set of criteria and the sustainable benefits must be documented in writing.

The criteria to be considered consist of an impact analysis, the contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and possible exclusion criteria.

The impact analysis, which was developed in cooperation with external experts and Detecon, serves to quantitatively record the positive contributions of the offer and thus make them measurable. For this purpose, the offer is compared with an initial situation (baseline) and the effect of the offer is calculated.

The info graphic illustruates the awarding process as described in the text.
  • For #GreenMagenta, particular attention is paid to the change in energy or material consumption and the promotion of circular economy, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions. Many of our products are already packaged plastic-free and enable our customers to improve their environmental footprint.
  • For #GoodMagenta we examine the extent to which the offer promotes, for example, the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and campaigns against discrimination and for social and intercultural interaction.

All applications are also recorded to what extent they support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), because only products and services with a special ecological or social added value may be awarded the #Green- or #GoodMagenta label.

Experts, including those from the Group Corporate Responsibility department, examine the proposal and, if necessary, add further reasons for or against labelling.

The decision on labeling is done by a committee made up of experts from various departments at Deutsche Telekom. The members of the committee were selected for their specific skills and expertise. This ensures an application and the offer to be marked is checked and evaluated from different perspectives for its sustainability.

After the label has been awarded, an individual slogan is developed that emphasizes the sustainability benefits and communicates them to the customer in an understandable way. For example, the packaging of the Speedport Smart 4 is plastic-free and thus enables easy and sortable recycling in the paper waste. You can find more offers under Environment and Digital Participation.

Since our products and initiatives are constantly being further developed, we check the sustainability of the labeled offers at regular intervals. This way, we want to guarantee that the label always corresponds to the current specifications and standards.

Deutsche Telekom awards #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta to in-house products, services, or initiatives that demonstrably offer one or more sustainability benefits. Decisions on awards are made by the inter-divisional board. In advance, the product or service must be checked for its ecological and social impact as part of an impact measurement. The process has been validated and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

#GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta make our small victories on the path towards a sustainable Deutsche Telekom more apparent. They are not supposed to be a certificate – in fact, it’s a small step on the path to ensuring more transparency. They help our customers and other stakeholders to make decisions. At the same time, #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta motivate our employers to set new standards in the categories “Environment” and “Digital Participation”.

We use two labels, because we award in two different categories: “Environment” and “Digital Participation”. #GreenMagenta stands for the category “Environment”. This category takes in products, services, projects, actions, and initiatives that make a positive contribution towards better climate protection and more responsible use of resources. #GoodMagenta indicates the category “Digital Participation”. This category describes services, projects, actions, and initiatives that make a positive contribution to meeting social challenges in the digital world.

The board is currently made up of Deutsche Telekom in-house experts working in such areas as sustainability, climate protection, and social responsibility. We aim to further develop the #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta label based on an open dialogue with the wider community. We have sought the advice of external sustainability experts to guide us in drawing up the conceptual design for the label. The entire awarding process of Deutsche Telekom’s two sustainability labels has been validated and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

The awarding process also includes professional impact measurement, that records ecological and social impacts of the product. The criteria we use in the category “Environment” include such successes as achieving significant reductions in power consumption and supporting the circular economy – measures reducing the CO2-Footprint. Examples of criteria for the category “Digital Participation” include efforts to promote media literacy and barrier-free accessibility. Our assessment is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are constantly developing #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta and the underlying criteria. We welcome all feedback containing new ideas, comments, and suggestions for improvement – all in the spirit of our #takepart campaign.

We set out clear rules when awarding #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta. All employees can nominate Deutsche Telekom products, services, or initiatives, use the professional impact measurement tool to assess their environmental and social impact and apply for the label. Using our defined criteria, our expert board then reaches a decision as to whether the label is awarded or not. The awarding process, including the impact measurement, has been validated and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

The criteria were developed by an internal expert team in cooperation with external experts. Together with our stakeholders, we constantly develop further criteria. By now, the awarding process also entails a professional impact measurement. 

The criteria were chosen in such a manner that they address our sustainability goals and current social challenges. We also used Stakeholder feedback and advice from independent experts for the further development of the criteria. The awarding process, including the impact measurement, has been validated and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

No, we don’t believe it is, because, with #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta, we want to contribute towards more transparency and, at the same time, promote sustainability awareness. We only use #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta for relevant, verifiable progress in the “Environment” and “Digital Participation” fields. What #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta refer to is specifically described on a brief sentence located beneath the icon. The awarding process and the impact measurement have been validated and certified by TÜV Rheinland. As the market evolves and progress can be caught up with time, the sustainability benefits need to be re-evaluated after 12 months.

No! Of course, some products may offer sustainability benefits in both categories. In such a case, we will only award #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta for the category in which the greatest sustainability benefit is achieved.

The “Digital Participation” category describes services, measures, and initiatives that make a positive contribution towards solving social challenges in the digital world. Digitalization opens so many new ways to participate in society. However, it must also be possible to realistically assess the risks associated with digital communication. It is important to us that nobody gets left behind in the digital society. That is why we promote initiatives designed to improve media literacy among children, young people, and adults of all ages.

Even for children and young people, it is important to learn how to safely and competently use digital media and be able to understand and assess information. They shouldn't just consume information; they should use it with purpose and create it themselves. This is how they can participate in our digital world. Deutsche Telekom promotes digital media competence with various initiatives and projects – not just for children and young people but for people of all ages.

No, of course not! It goes without saying that we are striving to achieve sustainability standards with our other products too. Among other things, this is demonstrated by the strict requirements our suppliers must meet. The primary objective of #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta is to highlight particularly positive examples of environmental and social sustainability. Labelled products and solutions must demonstrate significant environmental or social benefits compared to other products available on the market.

No. For instance, a large percentage of our fixed-line products bear the “TÜV Green Product” label. This has not changed following the introduction of #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta.

The original idea of our own label - to make our commitment more recognizable and to create more transparency - remains the same. The extensive award process by a committee also remains. Only the labeling of the products and services changes to #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta. Less “we care”, more “we do” - this is how the change to the new labels for particularly ecological or socially sustainable offers can be described. 

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