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Telekom: More masterminds against cyber attacks


Telekom: More masterminds against cyber attacks

SASE evolves with AI. Telekom is increasingly using artificial intelligence to defend against hacker attacks.

Smartphone screen with health insurance Barmer’s health ID card and an electronic ID card


Gematik: Green light for Telekom's digital identity

Gematik has approved a digital identity for healthcare in Germany for the first time, giving the green light to Telekom's ID service.

Portrait-Foto von Oliver Hermann, Tribe Lead New Ways of Working Deutsche Telekom.


Work is meant to strengthen, not weaken

Oliver Hermann, Tribe Lead New Ways of Working at Deutsche Telekom, explains in an interview how work is changing in the digital age. And why New Work is more than just home office.

TechBoost pushes megatrend “Connected Business”


Digital X 2023: TechBoost pushes megatrend “Connected Business”

Connected Business: a megatrend at Digital X. At TechBoost, Telekom's startup initiative, startups meet companies.

Portrait photo of Maximilian Ahrens with logo of Digital X.


Everything is connected - people, things, technologies

At Digital X, Deutsche Telekom presents the megatrend Connected Business. Maximilian Ahrens, responsible for T Digital at Deutsche Telekom, explains what's behind it.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 102909

We decide! Together for no hate speech!

We all decide whether to abandon the net to hate. How do you decide? 🧐
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Together #AgainstHateOnNet
Telekom is committed to a net that is open-minded, welcoming and accessible for everyone, with room for different perspectives and opinions. For a network without hate, where people treat each other with respect.
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