Data privacy and security

The question of how

We are transparent for data protection reasons. This is not a contradiction, but a question of attitude. You can see here how far our commitment goes.

Even more added value

We share our knowledge and bring in the experience of experts, for more awareness regarding data protection and security.

Von uns für Euch

From us for you

Tips, apps, services and shared expert knowledge. You can replicate it, download it or read about it in the Digitally Secure guide.



Fundamental information on frequently discussed issues in the industry and society. As well as the views of DT experts.


Is something missing, have details remained unclear or do you need advice and help beyond the topics covered? You can get in touch with us.

At a glance

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Woman in IT forensic investigations


Immediate help arrives

The Incident Response Team is dispatched to the crime scene to minimize damage.

T-Systems manages data encryption keys for clients.


T-Systems holds keys for customer data

T-Systems to manage data encryption keys for customers using AWS Cloud.

Father and son look at the smartphone together.


Fight with us dangerous SMS

Send your examples of malicious SMS to our experts with the short code 7726. More security for everyone.

Microcontroller under a microscope.


Hacking and testing

Telekom's test center examines IT products on behalf of manufacturers. The professionals work meticulously and ingeniously.


Statement Prof. Gabi Dreo Rodosek


Statement Alex Voss

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