Together for security

This is how

Cybersecurity is a field for specialists in different roles who work closely together. They are well networked across departmental boundaries.


For example, with penetration tests (software) or technical tests in the laboratory (hardware) we test.

Abuse Team

Specialized experts help our customers - often even before they knew there was a problem.


With the launch of a product or service, the monitoring of the security teams is extended to it.


The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) tackles the complex issues that cannot be resolved immediately.

The PSA process

The Privacy and Security Assessment is mandatory. This is how we set the course for security already in the project phase.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Keeping an eye on the situation around the clock, 365 days a year. Fast immediate measures also start there.


Ideally, the business idea is followed not only by the question of how to pay for it, but also how to keep data protected, for example.

Data privacy audits and training

We train the basic knowledge of our employees and the specialized knowledge of individuals on an annual basis.

Threat Intelligence

Knowing the details of malware is the first step in developing a defense against it.

Red Team

We hack ourselves to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers help us via BugBounty.

Everything in real time

Recognizing the danger and reacting to it appropriately. Sounds quite simple, but it can be very complex.