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Technicians at the wiring closet


Internet access of up to 100 Mbit/s

Internet access of up to 100 Mbit/s for almost 226,000 more households from today.

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DT to build the 5G factory of the future

Deutsche Telekom to equip Center Connected Industry (CCI) with a Campus Network and build a research platform for the factory of the future.


T-Systems streamlines Board of Management

Part of T-Systems transformation journey, the company announced that as of January 1, 2019, the new Board of Management will have four instead of six members.


Deutsche Telekom joined the global Hyperledger member community

T-Labs join Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Premiere: T-Mobile Polska launches 5G network in Warsaw


Premiere: T-Mobile Polska launches 5G network in Warsaw

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile Polska lays the foundation for commercial 5G expansion in Poland: T-Mobile CEO Andreas Maierhofer today inaugurated the launch of Poland's first fully functional 5G network.

Even faster speeds for two-and-a-half million lines.


Even faster speeds for two-and-a-half million lines

Deutsche Telekom is building faster internet connections for millions of customers. Over the last four weeks, Deutsche Telekom has been increasing connection speeds to up to 250 Mbit/s (megabits per second) for some two-and-a-half million lines.

Connect mobile network test


Connect mobile network test 2019

Telekom has the best network.

Smartphone with CarConnect app and CarConnect adapter


App-based roadside assistance

Starting December 3, drivers can contact ADAC roadside assistance with just a few clicks in the CarConnect app of this Deutsche Telekom service.

Kooperation mit Tele2


European Commission unconditionally approves acquisition of Tele2 Netherlands

The European Commission has approved the acquisition of Tele2 Netherlands by T-Mobile Netherlands without any conditions.

T-Systems and PTC expand partnership.


T-Systems and PTC expand partnership

T-Systems now offers PTC's entire product and solution portfolio to customers in the automotive, aviation and manufacturing industries worldwide.



CHIP network test: Deutsche Telekom has the best mobile network

For the ninth time in a row, Deutsche Telekom wins the overall mobile network test of the German trade magazine CHIP

hubraum LTE-M Prototyping Program accelerates solutions development.


Deutsche Telekom prepares LTE-M market rollout in 2019

Deutsche Telekom is preparing the roll out of its 5G-ready LTE-M technology in 2019 with the accelerated development of LTE-M solutions. The company today unveils the finalists of the hubraum LTE-M Prototyping Program at a summit in Vienna, Austria.



Deutsche Telekom wins Computer-Bild mobile network test

Deutsche Telekom is the overall winner a mobile network test conducted by Computer-Bild, a consumer magazine.

Image tablet


The Internet of Things: Deutsche Telekom digitizes test processes

“Goods Compliance” makes handwritten test logs a thing of the past. This bundle from the Internet of Things digitizes test processes in real time and documents their results.

Robots in action at Osram


Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson partner to provide industry solution for OSRAM

Campus network combines public and private LTE to support industrial use cases.

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