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Once a quarter Deutsche Telekom compiles a consensus for the then upcoming results and future years.

The consensus is the median of all available and meaningful estimates from equity analysts on Deutsche Telekom's future financials.

The following consensus numbers are as of April 23, 2018, 16 days before the Q1 results.

Group revenues   17.981,41     74.045,23     75.853,88     77.495,48     79.046,63     80.265,53  
Adj. Group EBITDA      5.509,00     22.449,43     23.396,08     24.237,49     25.279,55     26.207,10  
Group Cash Capex (w/o Spectrum)      3.036,56     12.096,53     12.071,58     12.149,18     12.158,93     12.130,97  
FCF before dividends      1.357,97        5.968,17        6.676,14        7.295,11        7.823,08        8.675,16  
Net income adjusted      1.190,32        4.733,09        5.215,49        5.875,18        6.460,76        7.091,70  

For further details like
- estimates for the segments
- the highest and lowest estimate 
including the number of estimates contained in the average, the highest and lowest estimate as well as the standard deviation please see the following detailed documents: 
Consensus (pdf, 352.3 KB)
Consensus in excel format (xlsx, 96.3 KB)

This document has been issued by Deutsche Telekom AG for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute investment advice. It is based on estimates and forecasts of various analysts regarding our revenues, earnings and business developments. Such estimates and forecasts cannot be independently verified by reason of the subjective character. Deutsche Telekom gives no guarantee, representation or warranty and is not responsible or liable as to its accuracy and completeness.

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