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(I) Additional remote denial of service vulnerability in the axTLS library

The vulnerability may be used by a remote attacker to allocate significant amount of memory and processor time. So the availability of a service may be disturbed. This kind of attack is called denial of service (DoS). Therefore, this vulnerability is...

Critical remote buffer overflow vulnerability in wolfSSL library

Attackers are able to overwrite a large part of the RAM of a wolfSSL server. Security evaluators of Telekom Security discovered this vulnerability using modern fuzzing methods. CVSS Score 9.8 CRITICAL.

Dangers of Dynamic Data Exchange (Windows)

A small feature in MS Office apps can be used to install malware. See Microsoft Security Advisory 4053440 details how to disable DDE completely, or at least how to minimize the effect of malicious documents.


Deutsche Telekom exercises call option for transfer of PTC shares from Elektrim

Deutsche Telekom implements Vienna arbitration - Exercise of call option for transfer of PTC shares from Elektrim - Legal certainty due to arbitration in Vienna
Deutsche Telekom AG exercised the call option for acquiring shares owned by Elektrim in the...

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