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The Procurement unit at Deutsche Telekom AG contributes to efficiency, quality and innovation by selecting suppliers carefully and ensuring competitive conditions. Find further information for suppliers here.

We need a “Digital Ethics” policy

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) should not be underestimated – it can have positive as well as negative effects. That’s why Deutsche Telekom has defined its own obligatory policy for governing the use of AI.

Deutsche Telekom brand

Life is for sharing. That is at once our slogan and our aim.

Cyber Security Summit

The Munich Security Conference and Deutsche Telekom host the Cyber Security Summit.

HR report

Find Deutsche Telekom's Human Resources report along with further publications in our media archiv.

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Deutsche Telekom exercises call option for transfer of PTC shares from Elektrim

Deutsche Telekom implements Vienna arbitration - Exercise of call option for transfer of PTC shares from Elektrim - Legal certainty due to arbitration in Vienna
Deutsche Telekom AG exercised the call option for acquiring shares owned by Elektrim in the...