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Deutsche Telekom is renewing its brand promise. 


The Deutsche Telekom brand

„Connecting your world.” - that is at once our slogan and our aim. It gets right to the heart of Deutsche Telekom’s brand promise. In combination with the distinctive "T," with our magenta brand color and with our catchy jingle, it provides orientation in a digital world that is becoming ever more complex. Our brand image around the T is consistent across national borders. An important step on the way to becoming a global brand.

We give our customers access to the great many and diverse opportunities this world provides. We accompany our customers, as a trustworthy partner – and ensure that no one gets left behind. That is what the Deutsche Telekom brand stands for. In Germany, our home market, and in about 50 countries around the world. 

We develop and build digital arteries – the best, fastest and most reliable networks – for the society of tomorrow. And we offer innovative products and services for fixed networks, mobile communications, Internet life and TV entertainment. We provide globally operating business customers with forward-looking IT solutions, from one source.

But great products for digitization and communication are not ends in themselves. What really counts is being able to share ideas, opinions and special moments. And being able to share them at any time we choose and wherever we happen to be. Connections enriches our life. Thanks to digitalization, boundaries of time and place are becoming easier and easier to overcome, for sharing. This has fundamentally changed the way we communicate.  

Strong connections also have a tremendous impact in business and society. We were guided by this idea early on in positioning our brand. Our Purpose is: "We won't be satisfied until everyone is on board". Telekom wants to give people access to the digital world with the aim of making life easier and enriching it. It wants to promote participation and connect people with everything that is important in their personal and business lives. In this way, we are focusing even more strongly on people's wishes and needs. Because our brand is equally relevant to all target groups, young and old, and across all borders.

With this focus, we have decisively improved and refined our Deutsche Telekom brand. In 1995, when the company was founded, we were still focusing primarily on technology and on international growth. Then, we added new areas, as we expanded our range of products and services, and began operating in more and more countries. In the process, we created numerous brands, for seemingly numerous identities, including national and international business units, and with seemingly numerous different focuses, including products, services and rates. Our brand's overall image became increasingly diffuse as a result. 

At the same time, convergence was increasing. Technologies that used to be separate were growing together. This also called for a new, integrated approach. For this reason, in 2007 we began to streamline our fragmented brand presence and to focus it on a simpler common denominator. Everything was consolidated and unified under a single umbrella, the "T."

With its new brand claim "Connecting your world." the Group is today underlining its global orientation as one of the leading players in the increasingly digital world. The company also wants to focus its communications even more strongly on the wishes and needs of its customers. The claim, in conjunction with the T, helps to create a consistent brand experience worldwide.

This positioning puts us in an excellent position. Deutsche Telekom has systematically focused its global brand strategy on the T umbrella brand. The familiar logo is becoming more central to communications. In addition, Magenta is given a clearer role in the new brand architecture. In the future, the color brand name will structure the product portfolio across all countries. In conjunction with the Liquid Brand Design, which Deutsche Telekom already introduced in 2020, all brand elements now strengthen the appearance as a global brand. Our brand image is clearly comprehensible across national borders, making it more effective and efficient.

The result of consistent and stringent brand management is regularly confirmed by studies such as Brand Finance Global 500, according to which Deutsche Telekom is one of the most valuable brands in the world. The experts put the Group in a strong ninth place in the overall ranking as the only European company in the top 10. Deutsche Telekom is also the most valuable telecommunications brand in the world. In Europe, the T brand remains the number one corporate brand. 

Telekom's successful performance is based on its current brand value. According to the study, this amounts to 73.3 billion US dollars. The increase compared to the previous year (62.9 billion US dollars) is 17%. Brand value has risen by 84% since 2020. During this time, Deutsche Telekom has developed from fourth place to become the strongest telecommunications brand worldwide. 

The positive trend is also confirmed by the Kantar BrandZ ranking „Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands“. According to this, Telekom is the leading German company worldwide. The current brand value amounts to 73.5 billion US dollars. This means that Deutsche Telekom accounts for a considerable 18% of the total value of the ranking. It ranks well ahead of SAP, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Compared to 2023 (67.2), the Group's brand value has grown by 9 percent.

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