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Corporate Responsibility

We take responsibility for the environment and society

“Acting responsibly” is an integral part of our corporate strategy and therefore a requirement for all employees in our Group. Our core business is all about connecting people, and we are confident that every connection we make is an opportunity for sustainable development. We want to be both the leading digital telco and a pioneer in sustainability. That is the vision at the heart of our corporate responsibility strategy. 

For more than two decades, environmental and social responsibility have been essential aspects of our day-to-day business and integral to our corporate governance. Our core company processes are consistently geared toward sustainability. 


Corporate responsibility strategy

As part of our comprehensive approach to sustainability management, we are focusing on four particular focal points where we aim to lead the way: 

  • Our strict commitment to climate-neutral business practices 
  • Our determined efforts to ensure our products and services are compatible with the circular economy
  • Our pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion in our teams and our investment into future skills
  • Our determination to help shape a digital society that is based on our fundamental democratic values and in which all people can participate safely, competently, and with autonomy.

Additional key aspects of good governance include maintaining data protection and security, cultivating a group-wide corporate compliance and risk system, engaging with the fundamental principles of digital responsibility, upholding human rights, shaping sustainable supply chains, investing capital based on ecological and social criteria, and ensuring communications about our environmental and social sustainability activities are transparent.


Our integrated corporate governance structure, clear guidelines and policies, and remuneration-linked sustainability targets help us ensure our central corporate responsibility strategy is put into practice throughout the entire Group. We adopt a consistent approach to managing the risks and opportunities associated with our commercial activities and regularly use key performance indicators to monitor our progress, communicating them transparently.