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Are you eager to leave your mark in the world, to catalyse change, to stand up for what you believe in and to grow within a global network of experts? Then become part of our network which empowers you to do just that. Find out more about us and why your world would be better off coloured Magenta.

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Why Telekom

We question things as they stand today, so that we can work on making them better for tomorrow. Are you on board?

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Where we work

Nationwide yet local: Discover our locations, our local jobs and individual local benefits.

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Work in action

From the Internet of Things to customer service: There are all kinds of ways to join Telekom.

What's it like to work with us?

We have strong values which we strive to live in our work daily, not just corporate slogans but standing up for those values through our products, initiatives and way of doing things. Here everyone is welcome because for us only your potential and willingness to create tomorrow matters. Our aim is to catalyse ever-evolving change that helps make the world a more inclusive and better place to live. We also think if you aren’t growing then you are moving backwards in today’s fast paced society, so whilst we aren’t yet perfect in this regard we want to take every step of that journey with you and empower you to grow with us.


Get to know us as an employer and find your new dream job via the Telekom job search. Whether it's an internship, trainee programme or expert entry - even as a graduate or experienced professional, you have a wide range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the magenta world. Are you ready?

Our IT and Tech Talents

Who are the people who work at Telekom? What motivates them? How have they been able to shape their careers at Telekom?

News about career and job opportunities with us

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Discover more about our IT exerts and there interests.


Discover more about our IT exerts and there interests.

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T-Systems and VW with a Feel-Good Atmosphere

4 weeks

A young student sits in front of a PC and is guided by an adult


DIGITAL@School: “barrierefrei4Kids” makeathon on...

6 weeks

Yaroslava Azorska in Telekom HQ


Ukranian Yaroslava Azorska enrichens Telekom family

12 weeks

Sophia Hansche in front of a banner that reads "Ready for Takeoff"


My employer must be a good fit for me

13 weeks

Laura Kuper , Programm „Femtec“


Green mobile radio: students give recommendations

15 weeks



Challenge sought, job found

20 weeks