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Nadine Mühlbradt


How we use agile work and who we are looking for

Agile working methods and mindsets are important components at our company, as well as a requirement of our employees. These new methods are also opening up exciting new job prospects.

6 days

A coveted prize and only for women: A glass trophy and 3,000 euros for the best STEM thesis.


Klaus vom Hofe

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Do we need a techie prize for women?

Anastasia Zhukova developed an AI application that scans media reports for bias, to help expose manipulative intent. For her thesis she has won the top prize in the Women's STEM Award...

1 week

The picture shows the port of Hamburg with all its cranes.


Norbert Riepl

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Ice cold over the sea

Bananas, bananas. Bananas every day! But how do they actually come to us? In conversation with refridgerated containers.

2 weeks

 3 people with a wheelbarrow on the way to gardening


Johanna Emmert


"Save the bees" – We're making a flower meadow

Trainees and cooperative students are participating in Germany's "Save the bees" referendum and taking responsibility for our environment.

3 weeks

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Noelle Krein


Exam fears and mind blanks? Not anymore!

Exam season is just around the corner — are you nervous and feeling worried? Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent your next mind blank and get you through your exams successfully.

4 weeks

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