What’s it supposed to be? And what not?

Somehow, almost everyone has had their own experience with Deutsche Telekom. You can hear about the bad experience in the evening in the bar or read about it here around the corner on the Internet. But you can also sometimes hear about good experience in the evening in the bar or read about it on the Internet. We can be found in millions upon millions of homes, purses, and companies – and yet a fair number of people still have only a vague image of Deutsche Telekom: Former authority, cumbersome group, faceless major corporation.

But Deutsche Telekom is different. Yes, it used to be an authority, but only used to be. Sometimes it is perhaps still a bit cumbersome, but it’s also modern, a major corporation, but not one without a face. People work here who are committed day in, day out to the company and its customers. In Flensburg and Chicago. At the call center and in the Telekom Laboratories. It’s this Telekom we want to show you here. Its products. And the people who move the company forward. We want to talk about this with you in this blog – we want to provide insights into the company, but also pick up on criticism from outside and discuss with people from the Group. We welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions.

Oh, and what we don’t want to do here is provide customer service, since there are others in the company who are better at that. You can find them here.

Insofar as the posts published in this blog contain statements relating to expectations, forecasts or the future, these statements may be associated with known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual events and developments may therefore differ considerably from these statements. In the absence of any binding statutory provision to the contrary, the company is not obliged and undertakes no obligation to update or correct any of these statements publicly to reflect actual events or developments retrospectively.

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