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We have listed all relevant documents pertaining to quarterly results of previous quarters here:

Financial results


As the dividend is to be paid in full from the tax contribution account in accordance with § 27 of the Corporation Tax Act (Körperschaftsteuergesetz– KStG), payment will be made without deducting capital gains tax or the solidarity surcharge. Dividends paid to shareholders in Germany are not subject to taxation. Dividends do not entail tax refunds or tax credits. In the German tax authorities’ view the dividend payment reduces the acquisition costs of the shares for tax purposes. Out of today’s perspective the dividend payment from the tax contribution account in accordance with § 27 will continue over the next years.

The share needs to be in your deposit on the evening of the shareholders’ meeting.

Deutsche Telekom paid  a dividend of 70 cents per share for the 2022 financial year. This corresponds to Deutsche Telekom's dividend policy of 40 to 60 percent of the adjusted recurring earnings per share (EPS): the forecast for EPS in 2023 is >€1.60.

The approval of the Annual General Meeting is required for the distribution of the dividend. The payment of the dividend to the shareholders takes place immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders’ meeting


You can print out a participation certificate for your personal income tax return at the information counter. You will need your personal AGM-Card for this, which you hold under the scanner of the terminal provided for this purpose. A participation certificate will then be printed out immediately for you. If you forget to print out a participation certificate before you leave the meeting, you can also request one afterwards from Investor Relations at Deutsche Telekom AG in Bonn. In order to issue this certificate, we need to know the number on your personal AGM-Card, as we can only verify participation using the list of persons present.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have the documents for the shareholders’ meeting on hand? If yes, you can find your shareholder identification number and your initial personal password under.  ‘Explanations on registration and exercising voting rights’.

If you do not have the documents on hand, please contact our the agm-hotline on +49 228 181-55770 or send us an email to hv-service@telekom.de.

We wil send you a new password by email if you have already registered for email distribution. In order to get a new password, please follow the directions below::

  • Click on 'Password' on the internet dialogue starting page (www.telekom.com/hv-service). 
  • After entering your shareholder identification number and your registered email address, you will be asked to answer your security question which you have chosen during registration for the electronic document distribution. 
  • After answering the security question correctly, you will be sent a new online password via email.

In case you have not registered yourself for the electronic document distribution yet, please contact the agm-hotline under +49 228 181-55770 or send an email to hv-service@telekom.de.

The Internet Dialogue can be used with current browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

JavaScript and cookies should be activated. In principle, however, it is possible to use the Internet Dialogue without JavaScript.

A version of Acrobat Reader should also be installed on the device to display the stored documents.

Security and encryption

Is the transmission of my personal data secure?
Your connection to the server used for the shareholders' meeting services offered by Deutsche Telekom is established via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit encryption. I.e. personal data such as passwords and so on cannot be viewed by any third party over the Internet during the session.

How safe is it to receive shareholders' meeting documents by e-mail?
E-mails sent on the Internet are normally not encrypted. We cannot guarantee security on the general Internet here. However, the shareholders' meeting invitation sent by e-mail do not contain any personal data. You can, of course, opt to have your shareholders' meeting invitations sent by encrypted e-mail. We will then require your public PGP certificate, which you can make available to us at http://www.telekom.com/hv-service

What is SSL?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is an extension to standard information transmission over the Internet. The function of this extension involves the exchange of an encryption logarithm and a session key between the Internet server and your own computer prior to transmission of the actual data. Only when this has taken place is the application data itself transmitted. It is encrypted in compliance with the previously "agreed" procedure and is therefore protected from access by third parties. Whenever a site is visited whose URL (Uniform Resource Locator) begins with https:// instead of the usual http://, it is potentially a secure site. Normally, SSL is transparent for the user. The first time a secure site is used by a web server, browser and server negotiate the requested or possible encryption. The defined encryption is used again for the following sites that are requested.

How does SSL work?
SSL uses certificates for authentication. Central offices in charge of the commercial operation of certification services manage the so-called root certificates that can be recognized by the browser (the key for recognizing these certificates is provided for the browser by the manufacturer). These certification offices grant temporary subcertificates to website operators confirming the authenticity of the services they offer. From a technical point of view, subcertificates are granted in accordance with the public key procedure. The encryption is initiated by the browser. It generates a session key that is sent to the server with the key that belongs to the certificate. This server, in turn, divides the key into a server key and a client key, sends the client key back to the browser and from then on encrypts the data with the server key in the exact same way as the browser does with the client key.

How can I check encryption strength?
To check the encryption strength of the link to the Internet Dialogue, please click on the lock symbol in the address or status bar in your browser.

Share register

Please inform your deposit bank about each change in your data set (i.e. relocation). They will then forward this information to us.

You can always check your currently saved address on the internet dialog (http://www.telekom.com/agm-service). In case you find an old address there you can update your information directly on the internet dialog. Please also contact your bank to ensure that your new address was updated in the system.

Every shareholder can prevent his name to show up in the share register by objecting to the entry with his bank. In this case, the respective bank acts as shareholder.

Some of the shareholders are astonished that they supposedly have already objected. Reason being may be that some banks have included this objection already by default at online registration.

Eligible for attendance at the shareholders' meeting, is the official shareholder. In case your bank is registered as shareholder you need to ask your bank to order a ticket for the meeting and to authorize you to attend.

In case you have any further questions regarding this topic, please contact your bank directly.

In this case it is very likely that you possess several deposits at different bank (each bank with Telekom shares will havean individual shareholder number registered. In case you have multiple deposits with the same bank, please talk with your bank about a possible consolidation.

Yes, it is possible to register a trustee in the share register. Please contact your deposit bank.

However, please be aware that Deutsche Telekom recognizes only the one named in the share register as shareholder. In this case, all rights of the shareholder are bundled with the trustee (dividend payment, attendance at the shareholders' meeting, etc.)In case you want to benefit yourself from those rights, your trustee needs to authorize you.

The following information is saved in the share register: Surname, given name, address, email (if provided), date of birth, shareholder number, share portfolio (number of shares) and the respective bank depositing the shares.

The share register is run as an electronic database. Deutsche Telekom – as common practice – has hired a service provider which is specialized in administrating share registers. Obviously, our strict rules on compliance and data security apply here.

We are glad to inform you about your personal data in the share register.

In order to do so, please send us a written request to: Deutsche Telekom AG, Investor Relations, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, 53113 Bonn.

Alternatively, we can provide you with the opportunity to search your file personally at our premises. Please contact us for an appointment.

Only selected Investor Relations and adeus (www.adeus. de) employees have access to the share register. Adeus is hired by Deutsche Telekom to administer the share register.

Data protection has highest priority within Deutsche Telekom. In order to be compliant with our high requirements, we have taken numerous technical and organisational measures. Moreover, we train and certify our personnel on this topic continuously.

Share performance

Deutsche Telekom is a reliable dividend share with high payouts. In total, we have paid out c.€ 15.70 per share since our IPO (effective summer 2023). Especially when comparing the share with a performance index such as the DAX, it is important to include the dividend into your assessment.

In order to visualise the performance of the Telekom share and ensure a current and correct perspective, feel free to use our interactive tool

Interactive Charting Tool

Stock exchange listing

You can buy Deutsche Telekom share through a bank or a broker. As soon as your bank has set up a deposit for you, you can advice your bank to buy Telekom shares. The Commercial Paper number is 555750 (ISIN DE0005557508).

T-Shares are traded at all stock exchanges in Germany including electronic trading platform XETRA and on various other purely electronic trading venues as well as on OTCQX.

After the change of Deutsche Bundespost Telekom to a public company in 1995, Deutsche Telekom first went public at the stock exchange on the 18th November 1996.

The relation of the ADR to the common stock is of 1:1. This means that one ADR converts to exactly one common stock for the company.

The American Depository Shares (ADS) of Deutsche Telekom were traded on 18th June 2010 for the last time. Deutsche Telekom applied for the delisting on the 21st April 2010.

Since 21st June 2010 the Deutsche Telekom’s ADS has traded on the OTCQX International Premier. The OTCQX is the premium sector of the American Over the Counter market.

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