We, Deutsche Telekom, are more than just another company, which provides society with infrastructure. Whatever the circumstances, we are a trusted companion. Whenever. Wherever. We take our responsibility to society and the environment very seriously. We live Corporate Responsibility. Day in, day out. We want to be leading in terms of climate protection and in the field of sustainable supplier management, while also ensuring equality of participation in the information and knowledge society. Forever making life easier for people and enriching it is our mission.
Timotheus Höttges, CEO

Sustainability was the focus of this year's Annual General Meeting

Vorstandsvorsitzender Tim Höttges.

Sustainability Day 2022

We revised and sharpened our sustainability strategy in all areas. The results were presented on October 12.

ESG is on top of our agenda: Our ESG commitments

  • Climate
    • 100% renewable electricity for DT Group (From 2021 onwards)
    • Double energy efficiency in DE&EU (2024 vs 2020)
    • Net-zero for direct and indirect Co2 emissions (Scope 1 & 2) (until 2025)
    • Reduction in energy consumption ex US (2020-24)
    • Reduce Scope 1-3 Co2 emissions by 55% against 2020 by 2030 (2030 vs 2020)
    • Net-zero Co2 emissions (Scope 1-3) with at least 90% reduction (Latest 2040)
  • Circularity
    • Zero ICT waste to landfill in Europe (in 2022)
    • 100% circular around technology and devices (in 2030)
    • Sustainable packaging in DE & EU:
    • 100% for all new T-branded devices (in 2022)
    • ~100% for all devices (in 2025)
  • 30% female executives (in 2025)
  • Maintain employee satisfaction at~79% (2023 vs 2021)
  • Increase share of digital experts (From 2022 onwards)
  • Increase beneficiaries on digital inclusion activities (Until 2025)
  • Stay connected in crisis (ongoing)
  • Further integrate ESG into financial steering systems and company decisions (ongoing)

We are working on the implementation: excerpt from the 2022 full-year presentation (February 2023)

  • Climate targets are well on track
  • TMUS first US telco to announce SBTI-based 2040 climate net zero target
  • Germany –full circularity in packaging of own devices 
  • From2023 newly ordered business cars in Germany are green

Listen to Tim Höttges speaking about ESG in the FY-2022 results presentation (YouTube, February 23, 2023)

  • Support for Ukrainian refugees, and Turkish and Syrian earthquake victims 
  • Customer and employee satisfaction increasing
  • TMUS “Project 10 million” halfway through

Listen to Tim Höttges speaking about ESG in the FY-2022 results presentation (YouTube, February 23, 2023)

  • 1st place in S&P rating (no other European telco in S&P World)
  • For 7th time in a row A ranked in CPD

Listen to Tim Höttges speaking about ESG in the FY-2022 results presentation (YouTube, February 23, 2023)

Living responsibility, enabling sustainability

Deutsche Telekom has been committed to sustainability and social responsibility for nearly three decades. To improve transparency for our stakeholders, we assign our CR activities to the ESG perspectives. E for Environment - S for Social - and G for Governance.

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Our ESG strategy

We take responsibility for the environment and society.

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Deutsche Telekom has made a clear commitment to climate-neutral business practices and the pursuit of a circular economy.

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Deutsche Telekom considers itself an active member of society and takes responsibility when it comes to social issues.

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Corporate governance lays the strategic foundation for sustainable behaviour.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

On the way to the leading telco.

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Sustainability for the curious

Sustainability at Deutsche Telekom explained simply and clearly.


Corporate Responsibility Report

For an extensive overview on DT’s activities in the fields of environment and social take a look at our annual Corporate Responsibility Report.

The most relevant topics are also summarized in the DT’s annual report.

Sustainable Finance

As part of our CR strategy, we have taken part successfully for many years in ESG ratings, which we select based on reputation, relevance, and independence. When rating agencies give high marks to our social and ecological commitment, the T-Share is included in the financial market’s sustainability indexes.

In 2022, the T-Share was again listed on leading sustainability indexes, including S&P Global’s prominent, and CSA-based, DJSI World and DJSI Europe. Our shares were also listed yet again on the FTSE4Good Index Series (for the eleventh year running) and the UN Global Compact 100 Index. We are also still listed on the Euronext Indexes.

The table below presents a selection of other T-Share listings.


Indizes/ Prädikate/ Ranking




DJSI World

DJSI Europe

S&P ESG Index Series


STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders

Supplier Engagement A-List


ESG Universal Indexes


"Prime" (Sector leader)


Gender Equality Index


STOXX Global ESG Leaders!¹

UN Global Compact 100

FTSE Financial Times Stock Exchange




Euronext Vigeo World 120


✓ Listed successfully 
✕ Not listed
 – Index did not exist in the relevant year 
¹ Listed in other indexes in the relevant universe.
² Data checked by Deloitte.

The Socially Responsible Investment ESG KPI indicates the proportion of shares in Deutsche Telekom held by these kinds of investors.

As of December 31, 2022, around 31.3 percent of all T-Shares were held by investors who take environmental, social, and governance criteria into account for their investment strategy; the same figure was 28.3 percent in the previous year.

Our ambition: increase KPI

Socially Responsible Investment

Reporting against standards

  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD img)
    • The most important key figures for measuring and managing climate-related opportunities and risks 
  • German Sustainability Code
    • Criterion 1 (Strategy)
    • Criterion 7 (Control)

We have been using Group-wide KPIs since 2009 to monitor our performance: ESG (environmental, social, governance) KPIs (key performance indicators). They help us continue to systematically improve our performance. For example, we use specific KPIs to measure energy consumption and emissions, our sustainability efforts in the supply chain and our social activities.

Our national companies assist in the collection of Group-wide ESG KPIs by recording CR data themselves. These national companies represent 99 percent of the Group’s net revenue. 

For the purpose of integrated financial and sustainability reporting, the KPIs map all six types of capital.

There are various standards for CR reporting for companies. Our CR report has been based for many years in particular on reporting in accordance with GRI. Since 2017, we have also been using the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) to make our performance transparen. In addition, Deutsche Telekom addresses the sustainability standards of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) in the reporting year, and the industry-specific analysis for the information and communications technology sector.

GRI Index
UN Global Compact – Communication on Progress
German Sustainability Code
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

ESG Data and Background Information

Contact Corporate ResponsibilityYou are not an investor and have questions about our ESG activities or ambitions? Please contact us via this contact form.

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