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Media contacts and events

Contacts for media requests and events of Deutsche Telekom.

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Media information

Media information provided by the Deutsche Telekom.

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Mediainformation and -material about Deutsche Telekom.

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Deutsche Telekom is selling vehicle navigation...

4 days

City, Park, Smart City Solutions


Telekom shows municipalities the way to the Smart City

5 days

Teacher shows students how to work with a tablet.


Samsung and Telekom cooperate for location-independent learning and teaching

1 week

The flying mobile phone base station


Cellular communications service from the stratosphere

2 weeks

Social Media Post: Mobile radio from the stratosphere

Mobile radio from the stratosphere

You see a photo montage depicting two tablet PCs, whose screens display the websites of Teachtoday and SCROLLER.

Corporate Responsibility

Comenius Awards 2020: Two medals for SCROLLER and Teachtoday

2 weeks

Spectacular magenta 5G-light show with 300 drones


Drone show as stage for Telekom 5G

2 weeks


Premiere of Beethoven's 10th Symphony postponed to 2021

2 weeks

Horst Heldt, Klaus Werner, Alexander Wehrle


Telekom to be 1. FC Köln's new technology partner

2 weeks

Cathay to launch new harmonized Wi-Fi portal with Deutsche Telekom.


Cathay to launch new harmonized Wi-Fi portal with...

2 weeks

Media events

The most important media events. For your calendar.

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