Six symbols represent the corporate values ​​of the Telekom.

Guiding Principles

Telekom Guiding Principles


The company values of Telekom

Culture is the DNA of a company and considerably influences the success of Deutsche Telekom. Based on that our Guiding Principles are the guardrails which guide our daily behavior and support us to live up to our culture. 

That is why Deutsche Telekom has held a broad international cultural discussion with its employees and its board members. In recent months, thousands of colleagues have engaged in intensive discussions in workshops and online formats. They have expressed their views on the social meaning of Deutsche Telekom. They have said what culture they would like to work in in the future. And they have reflected on values important to them. For Birgit Bohle, Deutsche Telekom's Board Member for Human Resources, this is a good example of a vibrant corporate culture: "It's pointless to talk about culture unless you do not live it too."

However, the Guiding Principles are not only meant for internal use, but also for dealing with Deutsche Telekom's external environment as well. They help emphasize the company's social commitment.    

Deutsche Telekom's six Guiding Principles

  • Delight our customers
    We are the trusted companion and help our customers with achieving their goals - with simple, innovative and human-centered experiences.
  • Get things done
    We are entrepreneurial and solution-oriented – this is how we stay ahead of our competition.
  • Act with respect and integrity
    We always live up to what we believe is right and fair, both inside and outside of our organization.
  • Team together – Team apart
    We are one team. We challenge and empower one another. 
  • I am T – count on me
    We are proud to be T. We act with passion, responsibility and commitment – trust means everything to us.
  • Stay curious and grow
    We are curious and embrace continuous learning. This mindset lets us grow as an organization and as individuals.

The Guiding Principles provide the basis for cooperation with our customers, shareholders and the public. All managers and employees at Deutsche Telekom are committed to bring the values to life. 

Based on this, our Code of Conduct makes our Guiding Principles even more tangible. It defines the rules for our daily work internally and externally, thus bridging the gap between the Guiding Principles and many different rules and regulations within the group.

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