The human success factor

Skilled and committed entrepreneurial employees are a vital factor in Deutsche Telekom's success.

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As one of Europe’s largest telecommunication providers, Deutsche Telekom employs 199,652 individuals in more than 50 countries worldwide (as of December 2023). More than half the workforce works outside of Germany.

Cultural diversity – Common guiding principles

Respecting the various cultures and using their distinctive national practices for success is just as important to Deutsche Telekom as developing a shared identity. This is based on the Group's six Guiding Principles

  • Delight our customers
  • Get things done
  • Act with respect and integrity
  • Team together – Team apart
  • I am T – count on me
  • Stay curious and grow

The Guiding Principles provide the basis for cooperation with our customers, shareholders and the public. All managers and employees at Deutsche Telekom are committed to bring the values to life. Based on this, our Code of Conduct defines rules to be observed by all employees in their corporate and personal conduct. It makes our Guiding Principles even more tangible. It defines the rules for our daily work internally and externally, thus bridging the gap between the Guiding Principles and many different rules and regulations within the group.

Innovative HR structure

In many countries, Deutsche Telekom already ranks as one of the top companies in the labor market. We continue to sharpen our profile as a talent enterprise and are proactive in our efforts to increase our attractiveness as an employer. In addition to this, Deutsche Telekom seeks intensive contact with schools and universities, and also participates in the MINT initiative, which is committed to better education in mathematics, IT, the sciences and technology all over Germany.

We lay the foundation for a forward-looking human resources structure with experienced employees, junior staff who have received optimal in-house training at our company, as well as top graduates and experts that we win externally for our cause. Deutsche Telekom wants to have the right answers in response to the demographic and technological change taking place at our company and in society as a whole.

Talent Agenda

For years, Deutsche Telekom has been one of the largest vocational training provider in Germany. We succeeded in recruiting 1,916 new trainees, a high percentage of whom have technical/IT backgrounds. Training positions are available in a total of eight different professions and on eight cooperative study programs.

Under the heading "New Recruiting", Deutsche Telekom is now integrating career guidance into the recruitment process. It is now possible to apply without committing to a specific profession. Together with the applicant, we find the best fit for our training and study programme portfolio. With "DiscoverMINT@Telekom" - our orientation internship in the STEM field - we also took first place in the "Training and Studies" category of the Human Resources Award.

With numerous employers’ benefits Deutsche Telekom also offers an extensive further training and qualification program to provide support for the professional and personal development of staff on the job – for pupils, students and graduates and professionals. Equal opportunities as well as health and safety at work are integral parts of our corporate culture. The Group supports the workforce with numerous offers that make it easier for employees to combine their work and private lives.

Deutsche Telekom expects to generate more value for the company in the long term through greater diversity at management level. Our target to fill 30 percent of management positions across the Group with women still applies. Across the Group, the proportion of women in middle and upper management stood at 27.9 percent at the end of 2023. At 45 percent, Deutsche Telekom AG had an above-average proportion of women on its Supervisory Board, and with women occupying 37.5 percent of the positions on its Board of Management, the Company occupies first place among the 30 DAX-listed companies.

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Code of Conduct

The way we work.