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Sr. Unix System Engineer

T-Systems North America
Downers Grove, USA
Vollzeit - unbefristet
5 years and more
IT- / TK-Betrieb
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Sr. Unix / Linux Systems Engineer is responsible for design, build, run & maintain Systems, proactively improve engineering standards, pre-sales support, capacity planning, and give direction, support to offshore staff while maintaining SLAs and service reliability.


  • Assist with Design, Build and operational efforts of OL / SuSE / RHEL Linux Systems
  • Assist with Design, Build and operational efforts of Solaris Platforms.
  • Understands and executes within an ITIL framework.
  • Responsible / Accountable Focal point for all operational activities by near shore teams.
  • Operate effectively with minimal supervision and within a clear accountability framework.
  • Act as situation engineer/ specialist, SME & Tech Lead for Nearshore teams.
  • After Action Reviews and conduct root cause analysis.
  • Liaise with OS / Application Support Engineer on formalization/documentation of processes, procedures, standards, guidelines, Automation, etc
  • Provide Unix/ Linux specific services to other parts of the organization such as Service, Engineering and other Run & Maintain teams.
  • High Level of SCRIPTING knowledge is a must
  • Understanding of AIX OS
  • Understanding of Automation, DR (Disaster Recovery tests), Security and Audits


  • Knowledge, Skills and Expertise
    • Deep knwledge of principles, practices and theories in UNIX / Linux technologies.
    • Understand and adhere t Information Security policies and standards
    • Execute allcated OS support tasks. Services are provided to both external as well as internal customers. Tasks include standard request support, break/fix support, proactive management, trouble-shooting, problem monitoring/resolution etc. relating to backups, monitoring, patch management, storage, hardware, and related components.
    • Ensure that any ptential problems i.e. performance degradation, reliability and security issues are addressed pro-actively.
    • Reslve all problems within targets as specified in SLA, minimizing response time in reacting to problems and queries.
    • Minimize Mean Time T Repair (MTTR).
    • Participate in identificatin and root cause analysis of repeating problems and escalation to the responsible party for recovery and future prevention.
    • Cmfortable with Disaster Recovery activities and ownership of Technical Recovery Plans.
    • Supprts Audit and Compliance efforts for 3402 and ISO activities.
    • Participate in the n boarding of new services from when systems moves from project into production phase,
  • Collaboration
    • Participate in staff perfrmance and service excellence reviews.
    • Participate in skills develpment of the virtual OS organization
    • Lead team members wh need additional escalation assistance.
    • Creates a sense f belonging and ownership among team members, coaches and motivates team members
    • Respnsibility; promotes mutual support and interaction with all team members.
    • Cnsults and provides advice, facilitates discussion and resolves conflict; establishes trust; builds and uses cross-functional relationship to accomplish work objectives
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Recgnizes problems or situations that are new or without clear precedent.
    • Evaluates alternatives and finds slutions
    • Develps improvements and innovations to enhance performance.
    • Prvide high quality, balanced analysis and advice on a range of issues of considerable complexity within specified SLA.
    • Take principal respnsibility for the identification of key methodological or process issues in the team.
    • Analyses prblem by collecting available data, eliciting additional information, shifting out irrelevancies, constructing an accurate picture of the situation and distilling the key issues.  
    • Evaluates slutions critically on the basis of logical assumptions, factual information and chooses appropriate solution.
  • Communication Effectiveness
    • Ensure that custmer satisfaction in all interactions meets the contracted Customer Service levels.
    • Maintain a high level f Customer Satisfaction.
    • Cnveys goals and objectives clearly, interprets customer’s requirement and implement the expected service delivery.
    • Influence thers with tact and diplomacy and convince others to gain cooperation and eliminating conflict.
    • Maintain a well develped network of individuals and organizations to assist in achieving work related goals.
  • Processes/procedures
  • Use f end-to-end ITIL processes and tools (such as Service Center) in order to manage incidents, changes, assets, and service interruptions.
  • Prmoting use of end-to-end processes such as incident management, change management, and situation management 
  • Ensure apprpriate escalation actions are taken, using the global tools and processes available
  • Invlved in any operational changes to the service, organization, tools and processes
  • Interface with ther parts of delivery organization in an open and constructive way.
  • Asset Management; cntribute to a 100% accurate administration of supported assets, agreed service levels and billing.
  • Loks to improve efficiencies of processes.
  • Wrk to solve problems, produce documentation, and share learning with counterpart teams.
  • Participate in n-call pager rotation for reactive support and respond to monitoring alerts in a timely manner. 
  • Decision Making
    • Analyzes the risks and future impact f decisions.
    • Anticipates cnsequences of actions, potential problems and opportunities for change.
    • Sets and meets realistic deadlines.
    • Frecasts changes and communicates current and projected issues
    • Regular, predictable attendance.
    • Other duties as assigned.
  • Regular, predictable attendance.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 9+ Years in RedHat 
  • 4+ Years in Solaris (zones)  
  • High Shell KSH, BASH scripting Skills
  • 2+  Years in SuSE/AIX
  • Familiar with VMWare VCC (VSphere 4.x +)


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Professional Certifications in Linux Platforms and/or AIX

T-Systems is the corporate customers unit of Deutsche Telekom. Building on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. Our Culture We have around 47,800 employees all over the world, around half of them outside Germany in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. It is clear that globalization, digitization and worldwide networking are not just changing our business processes but our working life too. Mobile working, flexible working hours and job sharing are becoming increasingly important. Diversity is a key driver for change in our corporate culture – and at the same time our contribution to true appreciation and respect in society. At the moment key issues in the Group include, above all, gender, work-life balance, age and ethnic origin. We follow five Guiding Principles that shape the way we think and act within the Group. They represent our values and define what we stand for, how we work together and what we believe. Respect and integrity, guide our behavior and we overcome challenges with team work.


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