Philipp Schindera


A personal end-of-the-year review

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Wow, what a year is coming to an end! For us at Deutsche Telekom, it was a year filled with exciting topics and also a very successful business year. We are, again, the largest telecommunications company in Europe.

We worked hard to achieve that: we accelerated our broadband network expansion and laid around 40,000 kilometer of glass fiber. Overall, we invested about five billions Euro, only VW invested even more. Our fiber optic network is now about 455,000 kilometer long, by far the largest in Germany.

We are also continuing to expand vigorously in mobile communications, and the result is quite impressive: We are the test winners in all three major mobile phone tests in Germany and even in Europe our network is front-runner. A great network is the basis for good services. With StreamOn we brought another real innovation to the German market - streaming as long as you want and with more than 150 partners. That is what counts: More than 700,000 customers have chosen the service. Too bad that the regulator obviously rates things differently, but we will fight for our customers so that we can continue to offer the service. 

StreamOn wasn't the only innovation this year: Smart Parking is such an example - and with 5G there are still many more new use cases we cannot even imagine today.

All these are topics that Sissy and Toni summarized in our end-of-the-year review. As usual witty and entertaining. Check it out.


And last but not least: This year I have made many new contacts, both on the social media and at events which I attended as a speaker or guest. And if you want to keep in touch with me, just follow me on Twitter @schindera and chat with me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.