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I love MWC

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Stickers are making their comeback. Now on electronic devices.

From the cat litter box with health check and robots to the smiley sticker for mobile phones and laptops: strolling through the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is simply fun. A random gleaning through the personal viewing angle. 


Now "Cat Content" comes into this blog. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) makes it possible. 2,400 exhibitors took part. Just a short walk will show you how colourful this world of telecommunications is. I just have to stop at the cat toilet - this smart home solution has never occurred to me before. It not only cleans itself and refills litter. Equipped with sensors, it also reports the health data of its animals to the owners on their mobile phones. For example the current weight and how often the place was visited. It is confirmed again: Everything that can be connected will be connected. 


It goes on, and we stay mentally at home. Building and programming robots from building blocks - that's how digitization gets into the playful everyday life of the youngest. The offer is graded according to age groups, starting with programming for six-year-olds. It would be nice to have a robot that will tidy up the toys in the end ... 😉


Wait, when is this article from a mobile phone fair about mobile phones? From folding mobile phones to the first 5G model - I mean, the world press has worked its way through it enough. Very nice, but to see again what the manufacturers are coming up with around it: For example, the indestructible mobile phone glass, which does not scratch even under a running screwdriver. The photo shows the conventional "processed" display at the back.    


Keyword "All about mobile phones": there is even a stand with stickers. Reminds me of the sticker madness of the past - and my heart beats faster 😊. Unicorns, smileys, flags and much more for smartphones, tablets and Co. I can well imagine that we are experiencing a renaissance here, alone when I look at the devices of my colleagues with stickers. Oh yes, my laptop is wearing a magenta heart with the abbreviation "AI".


The contrasts at the fair could hardly be greater. From the stand with the stickers it is not far to those with mobile network technology. For example, to suppliers of repeaters, as can be seen here in the picture.


And then I end up with the robots again, specifically the more human-like machine contemporaries. Amazing again and again. One is serving coffee. Another one dances. And yet another one points to my shoes, speaks to me about their colour ("I like your magenta shoes") and demands: "Can I have them?". 

Crazy, colourful world of telecommunications.


MWC Barcelona

The motto in Barcelona is Intelligent Connectivity, as the new 5G communication standard will deliver in the future.