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Our attractive benefits

Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the tasks at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits.

Our working world is undergoing a constant change process. Digitization will lead to far-reaching changes at many levels in our lives. Autonomy with respect to time management is increasingly important, people are very conscious again of personal development and evolution, and pensions are a key part of life planning. Given these vital issues and many others, Deutsche Telekom has considered its staff and offers attractive benefits:

If you want to maintain your standard of living after retirement, you should think about your old-age pension in time. Deutsche Telekom supports its workforce with two different models:

Firstly, the Telekom Group offers its employees an attractive company pension scheme based on voluntary commitments. The employer-financed pension commitments are handled via the Capital Accounts Plan, which is a modern, contribution-based pension scheme.

Secondly, there is the option of an employee-funded pension scheme. Employees have a statutory right for portions of their salaries to be deferred as a contribution to their pension scheme. The Telekom Pension Fund is the perfect means of implementing this statutory right. It is a modern, future-oriented approach, which offers the opportunity to make full use of the benefits of gross deferred compensation and/or net deferred compensation (the so-called "Riester" pension plan). Both alternatives are encouraged by the state with generous benefits.

Under certain conditions, you may use a company car for status or functional reasons. You may also use an entirely self-financed vehicle by way of a salary sacrifice if you wish to do so.

We offer all employees favorable terms on televisions, Internet, telephony & mobile communications, and selected hardware.

Should they suffer from sickness or an accident, our staff continue to be paid their full salary for up to two years. As the employer, we bear all the costs of accident insurance and sickness insurance premiums. Employees who leave Deutsche Telekom but who are still entitled to insurance benefits receive a daily allowance of 80% of their last salary.

We offer discounts on additional insurance policies for a number of health insurance funds.

Employee savings benefits are financial benefits agreed under a collective agreement or employment contract, paid by Telekom and funded by the government via an employee savings bonus.

Group accident insurance policies are voluntary social benefits provided by the employer, and they provide supplementary protection round the clock, anywhere in the world, in working or leisure time and for a group of people

We encourage and demand your own initiative in terms of your personal development at every level.

At many locations we offer a discount season ticket to travel to work on public transport. This gets you to work in a climate-friendly, safe and particularly economical way.

We give you the chance to finance an e-bike as part of the salary conversion scheme. You are given the bike under an employee lease scheme. If you belong to the eligible group and would like to finance a bicycle through the salary conversion scheme, you will receive part of your salary not as cash, but as a non-cash benefit in form of a bicycle.

Our benefits may be different in our international subsidiaries. Please speak to your superiors or co-workers about this.


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