Telekom as an employer

Telekom as an employer

With a staff of some 216,000 employees (as at 2021) in 34 countries, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecommunications service providers. We shape the digital world of tomorrow, bring people together, and enrich people's lives. We question the status quo, stand up for our beliefs and learn together. Find out here what it means to work at magenta T.

Welcome to Growthtopia, not destination but a journey

Take part in an ever-evolving digital transformation and catalyse lasting change in a world of infinite possibilities. A personal experience rich in challenge, where standing out means standing up.

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Catalyse lasting change

Everyone wants to make their mark and everyone at some point wishes something worked better. Ever-evolving change doesn’t just occur on its own. It requires a unique spark to set the system reeling. Like a dynamic blast of energy, you can be the catalyst that triggers digital transformation that enriches people’s live. So, get ready to drive lasting change that will make the world a better place.

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Stand up & stand out

The times we live in require us to express our common values and to stand together to fight for fairness and equality. Because we know that standing out means standing up. That’s why we always try to affirm those core values, because they matter. Do you share them as well? If so, join us as we move forward to a more inclusive tomorrow.

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Imagine Growthtopia

Imagine Growthtopia: not a destination but a journey, a place that’s more than just a state of mind, it’s an ever-evolving world of discovery. A world where your horizons are only as limited as your personal vision. Join us and let’s grow together in a global network of experts.

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Culture Matcher

Check if our corporate culture matches your values. Because only then we can work together successfully.

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Women at Telekom

We provide women with support as they combine their professional and private lives and work towards advancing their careers.

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News about the employer Telekom

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From high-performance sport to planning a...

12 weeks

zwei Männer stehen vor einer automatisierten Produktionsstraße und schauen in ein Tablet


Katrin Brodersen – With power and passion for the...

12 weeks

A digitally rendered skyline of a large city


Changing course to become a digital expert

17 weeks

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Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

My job: guaranteeing economic growth for Germany

20 weeks

Das Logo von Leading Employer


Deutsche Telekom ranked among Germany’s top 1% of...

28 weeks

 People dance and celebrate in the disco fog


Award-winning talent communication as equals

32 weeks

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