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Ihr Einstieg bei der Telekom

Your entry ticket

Deutsche Telekom is always on the lookout for talents at all levels. Whether you are a school-leaver, university graduate, expert or...

What we stand for

We look for people who want to shape the digital world of tomorrow with courage and great ideas. Together we will bring people closer together.

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Ihre Entwicklung bei der Telekom

Your development

Whether you're a newcomer, an expert or a manager - we can offer you exciting prospects and individual career paths.

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International positions at Deutsche Telekom: Once around the world

SIFE National Cup awards in front of the Telekom logo.

Telekom takes its responsibility

Companies have a significant impact on the environment, culture and society. That's why they have to be on the right track.

Good reasons to work for Telekom

Experience your career

You want to grow. To achieve more. To tackle new things. All of this is possible with us - for high-flyers, innovators and lateral thinkers. There are many career paths at Telekom. Simple, interesting, individual.

Experience work as a team

We have no limits at Telekom. "We" guide our actions. "We" are our recipe for success. Because at Telekom, major talents really blossom in a team, we're always getting better together.

Experience work & life

Find a zest for life at your desk. Work and life: for you, they go hand in hand. Work and life: together, they're more fun. Telekom offers you the freedom to get the most out of both.

Experience the future

Being creative means doing things differently. It means having courage. And embracing new things. Those who change, create opportunities. Telekom employees think and act innovatively, and far beyond the boundaries of the here and now.

Experience leadership

At Telekom, women and men are at the top. Dedicated individuals with a variety of skills: listening, communicating, convincing. Finding solutions with their team. Above all: generating enthusiasm for what we do.