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Attention Phishing - Customers must change passwords

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Deutsche Telekom is currently increasingly asking customers to change their customer center password. Customers can no longer log in with the old password, but must assign a new password and answer a security question. The Telekom Customer Center enables customers to manage and change their data and place orders via services and terminal purchases.

Password reset to protect customers.

Password reset to protect customers.

The reason for this are significantly increased requests to the login portal to check the validity of Telekom login passwords. Typically, criminals who have obtained access data through phishing e-mails proceed in this way. They log on illegally with the aim of making changes to customer accounts. For example intruders can also purchase products at the customer's expense.

In order to protect our customers we have reset the passwords for the affected customer center accesses. We also inform the affected customers by e-mail.

Here you can find further Information on phishing attacks.

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Learn how Deutsche Telekom is protecting IT systems and networks and thus our customers and their data.