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Starting at the beginning: how you leave your devices sparkling clean

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Do you want to sell your old smartphone, give it away or recycle it? Your router is getting rather old and you would like to buy a new model? Our tip: Don’t forget to delete your personal data before passing on your devices or disposing of them. So that holiday photos, e-mails, call lists or access data for internet services don’t fall into the wrong hands. We’ve summarized for you how to do it quickly and easily for the most important devices.

Brush and dustpan.

How you leave your devices sparkling clean.

Erase your data easily – that’s how it works

On iOS-Devices (Version 12.1)

Einstellungen (Settings) – Allgemein (General) – Zurücksetzen (Reset) – Alle Inhalte & Einstellungen löschen (Delete all content & settings)

Note: The factory settings of your Apple devices encrypt your personal data. Your personal data is therefore no longer readable if you reset your smartphone. 

On Android-Devices (Version 8.1.0)

Einstellungen (Settings) – System – Zurücksetzen (Reset) – Auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen (Reset to factory settings)

Note: According to information from the manufacturer, all data is automatically encrypted from version 6.0 of the Android software onwards. Your personal data is therefore no longer readable if you reset your smartphone. If you own a phone with an older version of Android, before you reset it please check whether the encryption function can be activated under Einstellungen (Settings) – Sicherheit (Security). 

The right menu point in no time: Mobile phone help
Further information on deleting data and specific application guides for smartphones can be found here (German only).

Mobile phone recycling: We make it easy for you
Incidentally, you also have the option of handing in your old smartphone free of charge at one of our Telekom shops. You can find further information about the return process, which is certified for data protection purposes, here.

On FRITZ!Box-Routers

Log in at – System – Sicherung (Security) – Werkseinstellungen (Factory settings) – Werkseinstellungen laden (Load factory settings) – Sicherheitsabfrage mit “OK” bestätigen (Acknowledge confirmation prompt with “OK”).

On Speedport W 925V-Routers

Konfigurationseinstellungen (Configuration settings) – Problembehandlung (Problem handling) – Zurücksetzen aller Einstellungen (Reset all settings) – Werkseinstellungen (Factory settings)

DT series on data privacy.

Data privacy made easy

Deutsche Telekom series on data privacy shows how easy it is to keep our smartphone use secure.