Corporate Responsibility

Integrated management system policy of Deutsche Telekom

It is Deutsche Telekom's job to meet the demands of modern society and, in particular, of our customers when it comes to quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety. Deutsche Telekom has consolidated its environmental protection, quality and occupational health and safety policies into the "Integrated Management System Policy" (IMS for short). The IMS Policy forms part of the "Integrated Management System" handbook.

Deutsche Telekom's IMS Policy takes into account internal company regulations such as the Guiding Principles, Code of Conduct, Social Charter, Corporate Responsibility Strategy, and the Health & Safety Strategy on the one hand, and external standards such as the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union, the United Nations Global Compact and the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 on the other.

  1. We assume social responsibility for protecting our employees and the environment, gearing our thoughts and actions toward a sustainable business model in the interest of future generations.
  2. Quality, health and safety, and environmental protection are among our highest priorities, and also important goals of our company. That is why the Group Board of Management takes direct responsibility for them. A modern management system ensures that our QHSE policy is implemented in an effective manner.
  3. Quality, health and safety, and environmental protection are indispensable components of our corporate success, and constitute an important factor in our economic efficiency, in the quality of our work, in our corporate culture, and in the satisfaction of our employees.
  4. We act with foresight, understanding the legal regulations as minimum requirements that we frequently exceed by far.
  5. We work to continually improve quality, health and safety, and environmental protection in our domestic and international Group units.
  6. We actively involve our employees in all our measures. They – and our contractors and suppliers – are obligated to comply with the QHSE regulations and to ensure they are implemented.
  7. We strive to find solutions for our products and services that are energy-efficient, that conserve resources and that do not negatively affect health.
  8. We keep the public and our stakeholders informed, and promote constructive dialog.
  9. Personal responsibility and management by qualified executives should give every employee worldwide the opportunity to act healthily to the best of their abilities in a Deutsche Telekom that is recognized as living up to its responsibilities.

The policy has been communicated to all employees with the handbook signed by the Board of Management and is therefore applicable throughout the Group.