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Jennifer Busch

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Jenni is always looking for exciting topics about IT, communication and digitization.

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Leonie Müller talks about her Digital X factors


Digital X factors from a Train nomad

What are your DigitalX factors? We asked participants of the pioneer event DigitalX in cologne what their views and purposes in terms of a digital lifestyle are. Discuss with us!

Telekom Design Gallery


Telekom Design Gallery unveils MOVE for smarter urban living

A dedicated space to explore the future of mobility and life in a connected city.

There’s our way to the concert – or we have to change platforms. The AI behind this app does know where to go. 


When AI helps you to be on time

How Artificial Intelligence makes travel plans easier and helps to make it to a Ed Sheeran concert.

Symbolimage Smart City


City Life: the future is smart

Today’s cities require smart solutions to face technological changes and sustain urban development.