Articles by Andrea Vey

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Simone Thiäner


New Director Human Resources

Simone Thiäner appointed new Director of Human Resources at Telekom Deutschland.

Clear Statement for Diversity: Deutsche Telekom joins this year’s Christopher Street Day parade.


Telekom at Christopher Street Day: Not just magenta - but colorful!

150 colleagues will represent Deutsche Telekom during Cologne’s Christopher Street Day for the first time. This makes us one of the largest groups in the parade through the city.

Birgit Bohle


Management change

Birgit Bohle appointed new member of DT's Board of Management responsible for Human Resources.

Manifesto of Agile Work.


Manifesto of Agile Work

Telekom adopts "Manifesto of Agile Work" with Group Works Council.

Men passing by an office building.


The world of work in 2028: trends and dilemmas

Deutsche Telekom, Detecon and Henley Business School asked international experts about the effects of digitalization and artificial intelligence on the future of work and everyday life.