Lisa Machnig

IFA 2017: A good showing for Deutsche Telekom

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  • #JETZTMAGENTA – Deutsche Telekom makes a big impression as a pioneer of the digital revolution
  • IFA brand image attracts 165,000 visitors
  • The highlight for visitors – MagentaENTERTAINMENT

Each day, approximately 33,000 visitors were won over by the brand image that Deutsche Telekom presented at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2017.

Each day, approximately 33,000 visitors were won over by the brand image that Deutsche Telekom presented at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2017 trade show in Berlin. Compared to the previous year, the number of daily visitors to the booth has been up by around 15 percent. Deutsche Telekom can look back on a successful few days at the trade show, which closes its doors today. The first five days of the trade show drew a total of 165,000 visitors. They explored products and innovations centered on the key highlights of MagentaEINS, MagentaENTERTAINMENT and MagentaSERVICE, tried out interactive exhibits and watched the infotainment program on the stage. As in previous years, Deutsche Telekom did not just present an impressive array of products and services, but also rolled out an innovative Digital Playground in the hall and outdoor area.

Exhibiting under the slogan #JETZTMAGENTA (MagentaNow), the company successfully showcased itself as a pioneer of the digital revolution over a total of 2,500 square meters of exhibition space. MagentaENTERTAINMENT proved to be particularly popular with visitors. Indeed, by hugely expanding the entertainment offerings in EntertainTV, Deutsche Telekom now offers direct access to Netflix, which means customers have a more diverse range of content to explore.

For Antje Hundhausen, Vice President for Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom, all the work that went into the brand image paid off: “Digital worlds are melding together with daily life and enriching our customers’ everyday lifestyle. We are now more than just a telecommunications provider. We are a digital lifestyle brand. Thanks to an effective mix of information and interaction, visitors were able to experience that for themselves in a fun and hands-on way.”

Mirrored “1”s, a VR carousel, a Star Trek starship and a whole lot of magenta – the Deutsche Telekom brand image was a winner. It stood out from the mass of functional brand images, which resonated extremely well with visitors. Indeed, 58 percent of visitors to the booth see Deutsche Telekom as an innovation leader and 75 percent perceive it as a company that is particularly focused on service and advice.

Further information on the highlights for IFA can be found in the Deutsche Telekom press pack for IFA at

Visit Deutsche Telekom’s booth in hall 21a at the IFA trade show in Berlin from September 1-6 to experience our products and services live. Deutsche Telekom’s entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral – all CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the booth are fully offset by carbon-reduction projects abroad.

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