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#IWILLNOTSTOP – Our jobs make a difference

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Our employees won't stop until everyone is able to participate in the digital opportunities of now. This attitude and ambition are the subject of our #IWILLNOTSTOP campaign. In it, our IT experts show how they and their jobs have an impact on society and help shape digitalization.

Participate in the digital opportunities 

The digital transformation is no longer a far-off scenario. We already reap the benefits of digitalization every day. If you turn on your central heating from your car on the way home or use an app to find the next available parking space, you already have an idea of the limitless possibilities that smart solutions offer. But who makes sure that our data is safe and secure? And who develops the solutions that are making our everyday lives easier? Our employees will provide answers to these questions and more as part of the #IWILLNOTSTOP campaign. You can see what each of our colleagues stands for in this video.

IT expertise makes a difference

Woman in front of an illustration symbolizing Smart City

Catrin Braun is an expert for Smart City.

Catrin Braun is an expert for smart city projects and is dedicated to making our urban centers greener and more sustainable. She is one of the protagonists of the campaign: "Cities are responsible for 75 percent of global energy consumption. Smart streetlights that dim automatically when no one is around are just one possible solution. Our company will continue to push the boundaries in future and set new standards for digital solutions." Sounds exciting? In the interview, Catrin and her team also talk about how they are succeeding in improving our air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

#IWILLNOTSTOP shows our common stance

Make a difference and help move society forward – that's the motivation that all of us at Deutsche Telekom share. We deal with the major issues that move us as a society: IoT, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and Artificial Intelligence. Our team of IT talents and experts works every day to make our networks faster and more secure, our cities smarter, and AI more intelligent. National borders are irrelevant: #IWILLNOTSTOP is already the motto in six European countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Greece, and Switzerland. Stop by and get to know Martin, Artemis, Petros, Kristijan, Daniel, Lena, Karolina, Zsofia, and many other colleagues. They provide insights into their work and their jobs at Deutsche Telekom and explain their motivation for #IWILLNOTSTOP. Curious? Our campaign is fully digital, of course, and is running on all social media channels! So, stop by and get to know our experts.