Ute Neher


#proudofmyteam - Towards the goal with magenta blood, sweat, and tears. Potentialpark 2018.

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Do you know that feeling when all of the cogs interlock perfectly, creating a feeling of flow? When everyone acts in concert and is looking at the big picture? The latest Potentialpark study has revealed that our online talent communication is the second best in all of Germany.

Each year, Potentialpark examines the various communication measures of German companies. This includes social media, career websites, online application, and mobile communication. The expectations, desires and experiences of over 25,000 university students are taken as the basis for the ratings. The corporate channels are then measured using these criteria.

It makes me immensely proud that, in my team, everyone has a profound understanding of our “customers” – prospects and applicants –, and every action is based on this. That is why I’d like to dedicate my blog post today to all of my colleagues who have worked day after day on this fantastic result, both on the front line and in the background.


These are the coworkers who come up with interesting stories for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, XING, LinkedIn and the career blog every day. And who – on the basis of these relevant insights – also keep community management in mind. Be it praise for authentic insights into the working world or a critical commentary on another topic, we value every comment! With our six channels and the editorial concept behind them, we are number one in Germany.

Then there are the colleagues who keep the traditional career website, the most credible source for information on employers according to the Potentialpark study, current and up-to-date. It’s not just about content. Technical upgrades are also vital to ensure that it reflects the latest digital developments. Our first place in Potentialpark’s ranking confirms that our commitment to this traditional communication channel was a sound investment.

Let’s take this thought further: What good is exciting communication if the applicant becomes alienated once they click on “Apply now”? If they don’t know what’s happening with their application, how the application process fundamentally works, or if the application simply takes too long? The application process at Deutsche Telekom is fully transparent, and we break it down for the various target groups. There are different criteria for high school students, graduates and professionals. But transparency goes even further for us: An application’s status can be viewed in the applicant portal, for instance. This way, most of the applicants’ questions are already answered. The third place we achieved in this category gives us the incentive to become even better, e.g. in terms of the length of the application process. We’re working on it – with a highly engaged team.

But where would we be in the online channels surveyed by Potentialpark without the colleagues who represent Deutsche Telekom at events and trade fairs, who develop cool, innovative online participation opportunities with our target group, or who work behind the scenes to make our employer brand fully authentic? Then there are the colleagues who have an intimate understanding of the business and who know our recruiting needs. They tell us which target group we need to aim towards. We only achieved this second place in the overall ranking in a team where everyone knows their role and works together. To that, ultimately I can only say a loud and proud THANK YOU!