Mariella Gradler


#Takepart in CMD+O@Digital virtually too

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Deutsche Telekom’s campus tour has been a key fixture in the calendar for years. This year, however, everything was different. Digital and virtual were the words on everyone’s lips. There was therefore no big on-site gathering – instead, all participants tuned in virtually. As part of the Social Media team, I was there in person and was able to capture exciting insights from both behind and in front of the camera for you all, so everyone could really #takepart.

I have been working in the Social Media team since the summer and am responsible for our careers channel on Instagram. In this role, my task was to give our community a first hand insight into our CMD+O@Digital as it happened. Due to the protective measures for coronavirus, only the organization team and workshop organizers could be there on-site in Düsseldorf at the Denkubator (German). Those participating in the workshops #tookpart virtually.

Throughout the week-long campaign, there were two or three workshops every day all to do with topics such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, as well as code+design. Participants could brainstorm with the Deutsche Telekom’s Idea Forge (German), speak to Elmar about artificial intelligence, or even program and build a racer together with our colleagues at T-Systems on-site. On the Friday they could also pick up some tips for job applications from Tim and Tina and program an app together with code+design.


Behind the scenes at CMD+O@Digital for our Instagram Story.

Behind the scenes

The workshops themselves weren’t the only fun to be had. I was able to cover the event on Instagram – a fantastic experience. I gained an insight into the work that went into the workshops. An entire team was there on-site to get all of the technical infrastructure and live streams set up. There was a main stage which was used by the workshop organizers to welcome their participants in as personal a manner as possible, so they wouldn't be just another face on a laptop. The workshop organizer were filmed using large cameras – it looked just like a proper film production. That helped us to strike a good balance with virtual and digital distancing while keeping it as personal and direct as possible.

There was a whole lot more going on behind the scenes, however. As part of our digital workshop format, the participants had to be sent to “breakout sessions” at just the right time. These were sub-groups where they could work on specific tasks in a more intimate setting, which meant even better support could be provided. Questions in the chat were also answered as quickly as possible, of course, in order to guarantee the best workshop experience possible for all.

I recorded everything over the four days on Instagram and gave some insights into what went on the behind the scenes, have a look in our Instagram Highlight.