Yaroslav Chepurniak


Acting sustainably: HR Team & Green Pioneers in action

With every tree planted by Deutsche Telekom, we are symbolizing a step towards a greener future! This conviction drove 40 employees to plant a total of 1.000 trees at three locations in Frankfurt-Enkheim, Bonn-Oberkassel, and Duisburg-Großenbaum.

The reasons for the creation of these small forests are diverse, as the initiative led by the HR team, WeGrow, and the Green Pioneers community aims not only to promote the personal development of its employees but also to fulfill ecological responsibility. The driving force behind this action are Myriam Quiskamp and Pol Sierra, Green Pioneers who were passionately involved.

A sign LET GROW! by WeGrow and the Green Pioneers.

The Magenta Pocket Forest – 1.000 trees planted by using the Miyawaki method.

WeGrow stands for the sustainable development of our employees through continuous feedback and development dialogues held several times a year. As Deutsche Telekom, we not only talk about development, but each employee receives a personalized development plan. As a strong signal for such sustainable development, we have called upon our employees to join a collective action with our Green Pioneers, contributing to the preservation of our environment as a company. By planting trees, we contribute to improving air quality, biodiversity, and the creation of natural habitats. This action is a tangible example of how we perceive our ecological responsibility and actively contribute to a greener future and in the same time foster personal growth.

We invite everyone to take action themselves and make a contribution to a more sustainable world. This initiative shows that even small measures can have a significant impact. By reducing our ecological footprint and advocating for the preservation of nature, we not only create positive changes in our immediate surroundings but also inspire others to join us. We are proud of our employees who, through their dedication, serve as a shining example for other companies and individuals who also recognize the need for a greener future and wish to take corresponding steps.

We invite you to watch this inspiring video  and be inspired by our commitment. Together, we can make the world a better place.