Diana Schnetgöke


Application tips: Finding the job that is right for you

When studying, it is primarily technical knowledge that is imparted. As long as the study program in question is not a cooperative study program, which provides additional practical insights into a professional career, students must find suitable internships or entry-level positions. But what is the best approach when it comes to finding a suitable position? I spoke with Lisa, who is currently an intern in our HR marketing team. I would like to share her experiences and tips for the application phase with you. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Well that’s easier said than done, Confucius. But he’s also right. You should start by finding out what you like doing and where your strengths lie. Personal interests and character traits play a hugely decisive role here and this brings me to my first tip: 

Tip 1: Find out which job matches your interests

If you know what your main interests are, the search for the right job suddenly becomes a lot easier. Deutsche Telekom’s Career matcher allows you to quickly check your professional interests free of charge. It is scientifically valid as it is based on the Holland model with a total of six dimensions of interest (RIASEC: R for “realistic”, I for “investigative”, A for “artistic”, S for “social”, E for “enterprising” and C for “conventional”). With the help of targeted questions, you can determine what is of particular interest to you. And not only that: once you have answered the questions, the career matcher also shows you the current available positions at Deutsche Telekom.

Tip 2: Social networking is everything

Young woman is working on the iPad while sitting on the sofa

Take control of starting your professional career: Searching for the right position.

Another option to find suitable entry-level positions is to take advantage of social networks such as LinkedIn. Firstly, you can present yourself here: if you keep your profile up to date and maintained, the jobs that LinkedIn suggests will be more suitable and it is also more likely that you will be found by others. The vacancy will then be sent right to your inbox. 

Secondly, you can also perform active searches on social networks in order to get to know companies and to find vacancies. You should follow companies that interest you or have a location where you would like to work in the future. Current vacancies are also displayed in the company profile. 

The news feed of such social networks becomes really interesting when you are networked with many contacts. You can make contacts with people from previous internships or (former) fellow students. You will often see that you have the same or similar professional matches or interests. When your contacts like, comment on, or share exciting opportunities, you will also be informed. 

Tip 3: The soft skills of potential employers must be right

The corporate culture and the future team also play a decisive role in whether a job is the perfect one. The team pages also allow you to get to know future colleagues and, with the utilized tools or skills that characterize the teams, also allow you to find the right team. 

Your career at Deutsche Telekom 

The Deutsche Telekom careers page contains information directed at specific target groups for launching a professional career. Via an internship or flexiship (“Flexikum”), students can gain practical insight or they can get to know Deutsche Telekom within the framework of a final thesis. Maybe a cooperative master’s degree is right for you. Graduates can join the company as a trainee or apply directly for a junior position

I am sure that there are suitable opportunities for all of you out there, you just need to find them. And who knows: maybe you will soon be joining us in saying #IWILLNOTSTOP until everybody is able to take part in the digital opportunities the present has to offer.